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Akkerman Corporation
Akkerman Product Guide (6.1 MB - rev. 01102014)
Akkerman Product Guide Ezine (rev. 04102014 - requires flash)
Akkerman Representatives Map (rev. 10102013)

Trenchless News, Volume I, 2014
Trenchless News, Summer 2013, Special Edition
Trenchless News, Volume II, 2012

Equipment References
Akkerman Equipment Systems Chart
Akkerman Equipment Systems Presentation (8.8 MB)
Accurate, Small Diameter Pipe Jacking: Applications With and Without Pilot Tubes
Advances in Pipe Jacking and Tunneling with Akkerman Series II Equipment
Slurry Microtunneling: When and Where to Use It


Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM)
EPBM Systems Product Guide


Guided Boring Machine (GBM)
GBM Technical Manual (3.6 MB - rev. 102313)
GBM Product Guide 240A System
240A Jacking Frame Spec Sheet
GBM Product Guide 308A/339A System
308A/339A Jacking Frame Spec Sheet
GBM Product Guide 4815A System
4815A Jacking Frame Spec Sheet
4812A Jacking Frame Spec Sheet

P100Q Power Pack Spec Sheet
P150Q Power Pack Spec Sheet
P275T Power Pack Spec Sheet
Jetting and Lubrication Pump Spec Sheet
PRH Kit Spec Sheet
PCH 20-28.5" Spec Sheet
PCH 36-44" Spec Sheet
Cutter Head with Integral Swivel Spec Sheet
Eliminator Spec Sheet
GBM Guidance System


Microtunneling (MTBM)
MTBM Product Guide
MTBM Jacking Frame Product Guide
Control Container Spec Sheet (Gen. 3)
Remote Hydraulic Control Container (Gen. 3)

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) & Excavator Shields

TBM Series II Product Guide
TBM Series II Spec Sheet
TBM Spec Sheet
5000 Series II Pump Unit Product Guide
5000 Series II Pump Unit Spec Sheet
5000 Series Pump Unit Spec Sheet

Excavator Shield Product Guide
P400/P600 Power Pack Spec Sheet
524 Haul Unit Spec Sheet
1548 Haul Unit Spec Sheet
EH2550 Bentonite Pump Spec Sheet


Akkerman | 58256 266th Street, Brownsdale, MN 55918 | USA | +1 (800) 533 0386

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