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The Akkerman Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system offers customers accurate and extended drive lengths in various ground conditions for 4-48-in. (102 - 1,219 mm) OD pipe installations. The GBM provides the spoil removal process of the auger boring machine and the same level of accuracy as traditional microtunneling—all in one compact, multifaceted system. The pipe installation involves a multi-step process where launch and reception shafts are strategically located to minimize surface disruption using pilot tubes, casing and augers and ancillary tooling in advance of the pipe. Our complete line-up of GBM jacking frames, power packs, increase tooling and ancillary equipment provides contractors with the versatility they need for a wide range of soil conditions, pipe diameters and project applications.


The GBM 4800 Series Jacking Frames are able to install up to 48-in. (1,219 mm) OD pipe and can be supplemented with skids extensions for 8, 10 and 20-ft. (2.4, 3, 6 m) pipe lengths. The frame's 7.5-in. (191 mm) cylinders are available for configuration of 30-in. (762 mm) or 40-in. (1,016 mm) stroke. The GBM 4800 jacking frame can install a 1 m length pipe from a minimum 11-ft. (3.4 m) pit and 8-ft. (2.4 m) length concrete pipe from a 15-ft. (4.6 m) pit.

The GBM 240A Single Stage Jacking Frame can install up to 24-in. (610 mm) OD, one-meter pipe from a 10-ft. (3 m) shaft with a 48-in. (1,219 mm) stroke cylinder for smooth continuous advancement. The GBM 240A is often used in conjunction with an auger bore rig to establish line and grade and also used for traditional pilot tube guided boring.

The GBM 308A/339A Latching Frames allows operators to install up to 30-in. OD (762 mm) pipe from an 8 or 9-ft. (2.4/2.7 m) minimal diameter shaft and features a 10.5-in. (267 mm) stroke cylinder.


Power Packs provide hydraulic power to operate GBM jacking frames. Power Packs include hydraulic hoses, remote pendant for in-shaft operator control and pilot tube breakout tool, scraper and reaming head adapter in its walk-through tooling storage area. All power packs feature a three-pump system for independent control of jacking, rotation and the PCH cutterbit. The P250D power pack features a six-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 250 HP (186 kW) diesel engine. The P250E power pack is powered by two 100 HP (75 kW) and one 50 HP (37 kW) electric motors.

The P150Q has a four-cylinder, liquid-cooled 154 HP (115 kW) diesel engine.

The P100Q features a four-cylinder, liquid-cooled 99 HP (74 kW) diesel engine. The P100E is powered by one 100 HP (75 kW) electric motor.


The GBM Guidance System provides line and grade accuracy for the GBM system to within a ¼-in. (6 mm) at 400-ft. (122 m). During operation, an LED target is placed in the lead pilot tube's steering head. The theodolite's cross hairs are aligned to the drive's line and grade and the camera relays this data to the computer-controlled digital monitor, mounted to the GBM jacking frame. The operator assesses the target's position from the monitor and makes line and grade adjustments as necessary. The Guidance System assembly consists of a theodolite with remote focus, illuminated LED target, camera, computer-controlled digital monitor, lateral slide and elevator column assemblies, counterweight, alignment holder, bore sight laser and protective cases.


Dual-Walled Pilot Tubes allow for fluid passage to the steering head through the 2.4-in. (61 mm) outside ring and maintain visibility of the illuminated target in the inner tube. Each rack, enough for a 30-ft. (9.1 m) installation, includes 12, 30-in. (762 mm) pilot tubes, including caps, plugs, and a lifting bar.

Thrust Casing Assemblies are available in 11-in. (279 mm) and 16-in. (406 mm) OD in standard and HD formats and connect with retaining clips. Thrust casings assemblies are provided in a wire basket that holds 20, 11-in. (279 mm) and 9, 16-in. (406 mm) casing and augers pairs.

The Steering Head Kit includes four angled heads to displace various types of soil and fluid ports that connect to the lead pilot tube via adapters.

Powered Cutter Heads (PCHs) increase the bore to match the pipe diameter and features two independent hydraulic drive systems for the cutter bit and augers for conveying soil to the reception shaft. Lubrication sources for the cutter bit and exterior of the pipe, work together to reduce jacking forces and increase advancement rates. Standard PCHs are available in sizes 20-44-in. (508-1,118 mm) OD with increase kits for 22.5-48-in. (572-1,219 mm) OD.

The Powered Reaming Head (PRH) Kit includes a base unit of 14 or 30-in. (356 or 762 mm) OD with increase kits to up-size to 20 or 48-in. (508 or 1,219 mm) OD. The PRH increases the bore diameter and reverses the augers and casing to force soil to the reception shaft.

The 16-in. (406 mm) Eliminator is used in non-displaceable soil in a two-step process to perform guided boring without the use of pilot tubes and coupled with hollow center augers for target site path.

The Cutter Head Integral Swivel matches an 11 or 16-in. (279, 406 mm) pipe diameter, and is applicable for ground conditions above 35 blow count. It is placed in front of the lead casing and auger and functions to keep the pilot tubes stationary while the cutter bit rotates.

The Universal Auger Bore Rig Adapter includes mounting hardware to connect the GBM 240A jacking frame to auger bore rigs with rail widths from 33-60-in. (838-1,524 mm).

Weld-On Reaming Heads (WORHs) up-size the bore in single and two stages featuring arms that are flush with the ID of the steeling casing to allow soil to be removed from the pipeline with the auger bore rig. WORHs up-size from the pilot tube adapter to steel casing in one or two steps from 12-72-in. (305-1,829 mm) OD.

The Pilot Tube Guide Rod Swivel is used in-between the pilot tubes and the cutter bit/auger for ground conditions too hard to advance a WORH. The Pilot Tube Guided Rod Swivel connects with a 3-in. (76 mm) hex core, and functions to guide the cutter bit/auger on line and grade of the pilot tube’s course while preventing rotation of the pilot tubes.


The 2325D/2325E Jetting & Lubrication Pump offers operators independent flow control of jetting and lubrication operations when installing pipe with GBM/PCH systems to maintain optimum production rates in variable soil conditions. In-tank agitators maintain the lubrication mixtures in the 325-gal (1,230 L) tank. Both are easily serviced at the open/close valve on the tank’s outlets.

The compact 1325G Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump provides a lubrication source during the pilot tube and guided auger boring operations. The 1325G offers enough fluid capacity for an average 400-ft. (122 m) bore and can be filled with liquid based polymers to supply lubrication to the pilot tube string or with water for pressure cleaning operations.




308A GBM Latching Frame Description: The 308A latching frames allows operators to install up to 30-inch OD (762 mm) pipe from an 8 or 9-foot (2.4/2.7 m) minimal diameter shaft. Additional product specifications may be found at here. The MSRP on this unit is $113,575. Serial Number: FA40032F16 Selling Price: $73,200 For More Information: 800.533.0386 or e-mail

200-Feet, 20-Inch, 1-Meter Casings and Augers Assemblies Description: These casings and augers sections are 1-meter in length and are able to withstand 100-tons of jacking force. Casing assembly includes 60 total casings and augers, retaining clips and 10 wire baskets. The MSRP for these assemblies are $226,000. Serial Number: FA42804F00 Selling Price: $100,000
For More Information: 800.533.0386 or e-mail