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1525B/E Bentonite & Lubrication Pump FA49101F02

Product Model 1525B/E Bentonite & Lubrication Pump
Product Serial No FA49101F02
Manufacture Date 2018
Condition New
Status Available
Product Description

The 1525B/E Lubrication and Bentonite Pump (click link for product specifications) is a hydraulically-driven, high-pressure bentonite pump for effective pilot tube lubrication and flushing of cuttings, particularly on long bores and downward slope alignments. It is ideal for guided boring, guided auger boring and soft rock projects using the Rock Drill Adapter (RDA) and TriHawk® drill bit as well as pressure cleaning applications. The unit will displace a Marsh Funnel viscosity as high as 50 seconds to flush cuttings with impressive pump flow and features 2,500 psi of pressure at 10 gpm. The 1525B/D features a 1,800 rpm 20 HP electric motor. The 525-gallon tank features in-tank agitation for aggressive and continuous mixing. The unit can independently agitate or agitate and pump to maintain mud viscosity. The 525-gallon tank presents enough fluid capacity for projects that demand higher flows. The unit is compact and portable on the project site and sized for bicon or larger container storage in colder climates with dimensions of 68-in.(h) x 95-in.(l) x 64-in.(w).