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2325B/D Jetting and Lubrication Pump FA48800F02

Product Model 2325D Jetting and Lubrication Pump
Product Serial No FA45103F21
Manufacture Date 2017
Condition Used/Refurbished
Status Available/On Lease
Product Description

The 2325B/D Jetting & Lubrication Pump (click link for product specifications)  offers operators independent flow control of pumping applications of water, and water with polymer with a Marshal Funnel viscosity of up to 50 seconds with 2,500 psi of pressure. The pump features independent or a combination of 6, 10 or 16 gpm fluid pressure output for all pipe jacking and tunneling operations. The 2325B/D features a 3,000 rpm 30 HP diesel engine with an 18 gallon fuel tank. Aggressive in-tank hydraulically-driven agitators keep mixtures blended in the two 325-gallon tanks. Mixtures are supplied from one or both tanks with bypass valves to allow for mixing and pumping, or pump supply from both tanks. The tanks are easily serviced at the open and close valve on the outlets. In-line suction strainers help prevent debris from entering the supply pumps.