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GBM 240A Jacking Frame FA40027F92

Product Model GBM 240A Latching Frame
Product Serial No FA40027F92
Manufacture Date 2017
Condition Used/Refurbished
Status Available/On Lease
Product Description

The GBM 240A Single Stage Jacking Frame (click link for product specifications) features a 48-inch stroke cylinder, universal auger boring machine adapter, and a stand-alone base for fitting the frame within an eight by 12-foot shaft. This jacking frame can install up to 24-inch maximum OD pipe in a minimum one-meter length with 100 tons of jacking force, 50 tons of pullback force and 10,500 foot pounds of rotational torque. The GBM 240A Jacking Frame is equipped with a Rock Drill Adapter and TriHawk® drill bit jacking pressure control assembly to manage thrust pressures.