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GBM 240A Jacking Frame FA40027F95

Product Model GBM 240A Latching Frame
Product Serial No FA40027F95
Manufacture Date 2018
Condition New
Status Sold!
Product Description

The GBM 240A Single Stage Jacking Frame (click link for product specifications) features a 48-inch stroke cylinder, universal auger boring machine adapter, and a stand-alone base for fitting the frame within an eight by 12-foot shaft. This jacking frame can install up to 24-inch maximum OD pipe in a minimum one-meter length with 100 tons of jacking force, 50 tons of pullback force and 10,500 foot pounds of rotational torque. The GBM 240A Jacking Frame is equipped with a Rock Drill Adapter and TriHawk® drill bit jacking pressure control assembly to manage thrust pressures.  

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