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Series II TBM 420B BH31000F01

Product Model Series II TBM 420B
Product Serial No BH31000F01
Manufacture Date 2014
Condition Used/Refurbished
Status Available/On Lease
Usage 1286-lf.
Product Description

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) (click link for product specifications) are used to install 48 – 93-in. (1,219 – 2,362 mm) OD jacking pipe. The Series II TBM family consists of eight TBM models with common ease of operating controls. The Series II TBM has a sealed steering joint that allows for bidirectional, full articulation at the face of the bore. Its drive system uses two-speed drive motors which operate in either low-speed/high-torque or high-speed/low-torque modes. This functionality allows operators to precisely tailor cutting speeds and torque in varying geology. TBMs come standard with three bi-directional cutter heads: sand, single dirt carbide bar and quad dirt carbide bar.

This TBM has only been used on two projects to install 1,000-lf. of 48-in. OD 20-ft. segment steel casing in varied clay soil last summer and most recently to install 1,346-lf. of 50-in. OD, 20-ft. segment Hobas pipe in sandstone this past winter.