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Microtunneling Keyhole Jacking Frame

Keyhole Jacking Frames

800-1,200 t Thrust Capacity

Keyhole Jacking Frames offer a high capacity jacking frame from a 20 - 32-ft. shaft. They feature 800 - 1,200 tons of thrust capacity to advance pipe with a maximum 114-in. OD in 10-ft. lengths. Smaller pipe can be used with a thrust adapter. Keyhole jacking frames are configured with and without a dirt bucket bay for pipe jacking and microtunneling applications. Keyed blocks on the hydraulic jacking cylinders continuously advance the MTBM or TBM and a winch is used to retract the thrust ring.

Microtunneling High Pressure Jetting Pump

SC-115 High-Pressure Jetting Pump

5,250 psi

The SC-115 High Pressure Jetting Pump provides high pressure jetting to the cutter face to break down clay and silty soil, clean the crushing chamber and assist with soil intake and flow.

Microtunneling Feed and Return Pumps

Slurry Feed, Booster, Mid and Return Pumps

up to 1,200 max. gpm

Slurry pumps help with slurry system circulation to and from the slurry separation plant. Feed pumps assist with slurry feed flow above the jacking shaft, booster pumps assist with slurry return flow from the MTBM, mid pumps aid the booster pumps on extended length drives and return pumps assist with slurry return flow from the jacking frame to the slurry separation plant. All pumps are VFD driven for variable flow volumes.

Microtunneling Water Cooling Tank

Water Cooling Tank

1,685 gal Capacity

The Water Cooling Tank and cooling pumps keep the drive motor cool, flushes seals and features a 1,685 gal capacity supply.

Microtunneling Water Cooling Tank

Dual Flow Meter Assemblies

4 and 6-in.

The Dual Flow Meter Assembly functions to register slurry feed and return flow rate in gpm for balanced excavation during microtunneling operations. Flow data is assessed at the operator's control console target screen.

Microtunneling Utility Line

Microtunneling Utility Line

1, 2.5, 4 and 6-in. OD x 126-in. Length

Individual, various diameters of Microtunneling Utility Line provide bentonite, cooling, and slurry feed and return flows during microtunneling operations. Slurry trunk line is positioned in the base of each section of pipe, and connected before jacking occurs.

Akkerman Bentonite
Injection System

Delivers Automated & Precise Bentonite Injection

The Akkerman Bentonite Injection System (ABIS) delivers automated bentonite injection at optimal tunnel intervals to reduce jacking forces and facilitate efficient and extended length pipe jacking. The ABIS package delivers totalized flow control at each valve location using touch screen functionality from the main system monitor. This ABIS system is comprised of a Control Skid housing the flow meter and Monitor Touch Screen. It connects up to 10 Remote Station Control Boxes, each with three linked Automated Injection Ball Valve Assemblies for point flow distribution onto the pipe annulus. The Remote Station Control Boxes are also capable of controlling and monitoring Intermediate Jacking Stations (IJSs) functions. The standard ABIS configuration equips microtunneling and pipe jacking contractors with components for a 2,000-linear foot tunnel, and the flexibility to suit a variety of project conditions. The distance between Remote Station Control Boxes and Automated Injection Ball Valve Assemblies is determined by the contractor and individual project requirements.

2325B/D & 2325B/E Bentonite & Lubrication Pump

Pumps 1 & 2 - up to 16 gpm @ 2,500 psi

The 2325B/D & 2325B/E Bentonite and Lubrication Pumps offer operators independent flow control of pumping applications of water, and water with polymer with a Marshal Funnel viscosity of up to 50 seconds with 2,500 psi of pressure. The pumps features independent or a combination of 6, 10 or 16 gpm fluid pressure output for all pipe jacking and tunneling operations. The 2325B/D features a 3,000 rpm 30 HP diesel engine with an 18 gallon fuel tank. The 2325B/E features a 1,750 rpm 30 HP electric motor. Aggressive in-tank hydraulically-driven agitators keep mixtures blended in the two 325-gallon tanks. Mixtures are supplied from one or both tanks with bypass valves to allow for mixing and pumping, or pump supply from both tanks. The tanks are easily serviced at the open and close valve on the outlets. In-line suction strainers help prevent debris from entering the supply pumps.