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Microtunneling Guidance System

Microtunneling Guidance System

The Microtunneling Guidance System includes an active target and three inclinometers that read and transmit data to the control console in the control container. Two inclinometers in the target and one at the rear of the MTBM track roll and incline and redundant data to ensure accuracy. Another inclinometer is mounted in the front of the MTBM assesses the incline. The proprietary software programs display the current and projected cutter head location, MTBM incline and roll to the operator’s control console, the AZ100 TGS interface and features data logging and report generation capabilities.

Pipe Jacking, Tunneling and Microtunneling AZ100 Total Guidance System (TGS)

AZ100 Total Guidance System

The AZ100 Total Guidance System (TGS) is a monitoring system for extended lengths and alignments with curves. The AZ100 TGS is comprised of individual, self leveling, station units that maintain a surveyed connection throughout the alignment without the need for continuous manual surveying. The AZ100 Total Guidance System’s TGS 100 target is axially mounted behind the machine’s articulation cylinders at line and grade, and registers the position and angles of incidence of the red laser emitted from the guidance system. The first pipe station is added at 300-lf., and additional pipe stations are added as required along the alignment to maintain a line of sight between all stations. An impressive range of distance between stations can be achieved, on average 1,000-3,500-lf. dependent upon prism size, tunnel diameter and atmospherics. The combined stations communicate a continuous electronic distance measurement for the operator to monitor exact machine X and Y positioning, real-time cutter head location and horizontal and vertical deviation with the proprietary Akkerman AZ100 software program. This state-of-the-art guidance system can be utilized as a standalone guidance system for any tunneling, pipe jacking or microtunneling application, regardless of equipment manufacturer.