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April 2019 - Akkerman Is Certified to ISO 9001:2015

Brownsdale, MN – April 8, 2019 – Akkerman Inc., a premier trenchless underground construction systems manufacturer, attained the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management system at its sole manufacturing facility in Brownsdale, MN.

Following an independent audit conducted by SAI Global, the certificate was issued on January 18, 2019.

The scope of the certification applies to the design, manufacture, sales, and services of on line and on grade tunneling and pipe jacking products for the underground sewer, water, gas, and electrical utilities industries.

Akkerman embarked on the implementation of its quality management system in 2015 with consulting assistance from Enterprise Minnesota who was integral to the system’s execution.

Justin Akkerman, Akkerman operations manager, remarks, “Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health recognized us through the Minnesota Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program for our safety program in 2010. Having our management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 was a natural progression to strengthen the business.”

Akkerman furthers, “Not only does our comprehensive quality management system benefit our employees through procedure efficiencies and repeat-ability, but our customers can also feel confident in knowing that the equipment that we manufacture is subject to the highest standards and continuous improvement at every step in the manufacturing process. Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System ensures that from design conception to final product testing, our equipment is produced with quality and value at the forefront.”

December 2018 - Akkerman Among NASTT Hall of Fame Inductees

Maynard Akkerman, president, chief executive officer and owner of Akkerman Inc., is one of three individuals named to the North American Society for Trenchless Technology Hall of Fame. Akkerman will be formally recognized at the No-Dig Show, March 19, in Rosemont, Illinois.

Also being honored are Chris Macey, senior technical director at AECOM, and Bob Westphal, senior advisor of operations for Michels Corp.

Akkerman has dedicated his career to the principals of the NASTT’s mission through trenchless underground construction equipment innovation and advocacy.

Akkerman began full-time employment in his father’s sewer and water construction company as a young adult 45 years ago. His father, D.H. Akkerman, developed his own line of pipe jacking equipment and in 1973 launched Akkerman Manufacturing. From 1973-1987, Akkerman was part of the construction crew on numerous tunneling and pipe jacking projects and in the plant involved with various phases of equipment fabrication.

In 1987, Akkerman purchased the manufacturing business and renamed it Akkerman Inc. and has been at its helm since that time. Under his leadership, the company has grown expeditiously. In 1995, Akkerman successfully introduced the first U.S.-based microtunneling system. Now in 2018, Akkerman manufactures five distinct lines of trenchless equipment, reports worldwide sales and employs 80 full-time employees.

Akkerman served two terms on the NASTT Board of Directors from 1995-1998. During his career, Maynard has contributed and been recognized in many other capacities outside of the NASTT. He was a contributing member to the microtunneling standards committee for the ASCE for the first microtunneling standard in 2001, named the 2003 Underground Construction MVP by the Gulf Coast Trenchless Association and the 2008 Person of the Year by Trenchless Technology Magazine. Maynard was nominated to The Moles in May of 2009. In 2015, he was on the Blue-Ribbon Review Committee for the ASCE’s Pilot Tube and Other Guided Boring Methods standard.

Akkerman Inc. is a leading employer in southern Minnesota, and Akkerman is a steadfast supporter of community development, betterment and fundraising initiatives, as well as promoting Manufacturing in Minnesota. Akkerman is an active member of the Minnesota and Austin Chambers of Commerce, member and past chair of the Development Corporation of Austin’s executive committee and Enterprise Minnesota’s Manufacturing advisory group.

A lifelong resident of Brownsdale, Minnesota, Akkerman and his wife Robin, have three sons, two who have joined Akkerman and six grandchildren. Outside of family activities and travel, Akkerman is enthusiastic about classic Mopar car restoration and collecting, is an amateur drag car racing competitor, hunter, fisherman, and golfer.

September 2018 - Akkerman Hosts 100 Guests for A Three-Day Educational Series Celebrating 45-Years

Brownsdale, MN – September 21, 2018 – Akkerman, Inc., the manufacturer of guided boring, microtunneling, pipe jacking, sliplining, and tunneling equipment invited customers and industry professionals for a three-day event series featuring educational sessions, equipment training, demonstrations and factory tours in celebration of its 45-year anniversary. Akkerman hosted approximately 100 guests at their manufacturing facilities in Brownsdale, Minnesota on September 18-20, 2018.

The equipment demonstrations included three 240A Guided Boring Systems with original P100D diesel, P100E electric, and the new Tier IV P4075D power packs, a 240A jacking frame and rock drill adapter with TriHawk® drill bit set-up for guided rock auger boring on Michael Byrne Manufacturing’s new D42-700 Auger Boring Machine, a GBM 4800 Series Jacking Frame with the High Torque Casing Adapter for direct casing installation alongside a 36-inch Rock Boring Unit, displays of weld-on reaming heads, high thrust bearing Guide Rod Swivels, a variety of GBM upsizing tools, bentonite and lubrication pumps, several TT Technologies, Inc. pneumatic pipe hammers, Logan Clay jacking pipe, the SLS 50/100 sliplining system with a HOBAS pipe section, a peripheral drive SL86P microtunnel boring machine, microtunneling control containers, Akkerman Bentonite Injection System, AZ100 Total Guidance System, and complete Tunnel Boring System with a TBM 540. Guest were also able to preview the GBM Guidance System with data logging capabilities of thrust pressure, rotation pressure, target images and the number of pilot tubes installed.

Tuesday and Wednesday featured GBM, MTBM and TBM Hands-On Equipment Training led by Akkerman’s field technicians and a Trenchless Technical Seminar. The Trenchless Technical Seminar covered the ASCE’s guided boring best practices by Jeff Boschert, P.E. with NCPI, effective site investigation by Robert Martin, P.E., Jacobs, guided auger boring and pipe ramming with Jim Weist, Michael Byrne Manufacturing and Rick Melvin of TT Technologies, Inc., guided boring with clay pipe by David Gill, Logan Clay Pipe, Sliplining with Gabriel Castelblanco, HOBAS, ASCE microtunneling guidelines by Dr. Glenn Boyce, Ph.D., McMillen Jacobs Associations, lubrication by Yovani Zelaya, LAN Inc. and Weston Alberts, Akkerman, and the AZ100 TGS guidance system by Troy Stokes and Brad Wheeler, Akkerman.

On Thursday Akktoberfest attendees enjoyed tours, demonstrations, and a contractor’s round-table throughout the day and the evening’s 45th Akkotberfest Celebration with German and local Minnesota fare and beverages, and a private concert by Martin Zellar and the Hardways.

During his remarks, Maynard Akkerman, CEO and President reflected on how it’s been his privilege to be a part of this industry and see it flourish over the years. He detailed, “My father started D.H. Akkerman Construction Company in the 1950s, and later designed the first Akkerman 360 Tunnel Boring Machine in 1963 to fulfill his own need to install pipe on a project crossing. Our roots as a contractor is one of the key points that distinguishes us from our competition; we’ve been there, and even today we continue to garner contractor feedback to inform our equipment designs. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come, and all the amazing innovation offered in our products today. Our success is thanks to our highly-skilled team and their dedication to producing the best pipe jacking and tunneling equipment and the continued faith and loyalty of our valued customers.”


September 2017 - Akkerman Gears Up to Rock ICUEE 2017

Brownsdale, MN – September 21, 2017 – We’re eager to return to Louisville, KY to rock the biennial International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), also known as The Demo Expo, with our newest trenchless solutions for rock and other proven and reliable equipment! The excitement begins on Tuesday October 3 and runs through October 5.

One of the largest displays in our outdoor space will be a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) 600. We’ve been manufacturing TBMs for 44-years, and the current design is evidence of our years of experience and technological advancements for precise control and enhanced performance in varying geology.

Next to the TBM will be a TBM 720 Mixed-Ground Disc Cutter Head which was recently used to excavate a 766-linear foot, 98-inch diameter tunnel in up to 17,000 psi UCS ground conditions through the Never Summer Mountains in Colorado. Stop by to learn all about this amazing project!

We're revealing our newest bentonite and lubrication solution, the Akkerman Bentonite Injection System (ABIS) which delivers totalized automated bentonite flow control from a Touch Screen Monitor. Attendees will be able to experience the ABIS and engage controls from the monitor to mimic flow control to the ball valve locations in the adjacent pipe segment.

A big portion of our outdoor space will be dedicated to our infinitely versatile guided boring product line and newest rock solutions. A GBM 240A Jacking Frame, equipped with a Rock Drill Adapter and Trihawk® drill bit will illustrate the installation of pilot tubes in soft rock. Beside it, and key to successful GBM installations in difficult ground will be our best selling 1325B and new 2325B/D Bentonite and Lubrication Pumps which provide optimum fluid pumping control with 2,500 psi of pressure. The new 2325B/D is not only a guided boring solution, it’s powerful enough for pipe jacking and microtunneling operations alike.

See the 4800 Series Jacking Frame with High Torque Casing Adapter (HTCA) and Rock Boring Unit (RBU) for installing steel casing in rock. The HTCA provides enough torque for auger boring applications to install steel casing with the 4800 Series Jacking Frame. The RBU is our newest solution for rock boring with or without pilot tubes with the 4800 Series Jacking Frame or a conventional auger boring machine, and delivers a full face of disc cutters for high thrust loads. The Guide Rod Swivel (GRS) 50 will also be on-site. It features a universal bearing swivel that connects to the augers and excavates with various sized interchangeable cutter heads that match common steel casing diameters.

ICUEE attendees will be able to view an array of additional GBM system tooling including our Powered Cutter Head family, 40 count, 100-feet per rack Horizontal Pilot Tube Racks, GBM Guidance System, and original P100D Power Pack.

Be sure to inquire about microtunneling system innovations including Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBMs) with face access, and the AZ100 Total Guidance System for extended drives and curved applications.

Members of our staff will be available to welcome guests in outdoor exhibit space #K105 and answer questions about our Made in the USA equipment. Don’t forget to drop off your business card for a chance to win a Grizzly® Cooler!

ICUEE will be held on October 3-5 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. ICUEE attracts contractors and municipality professionals involved in the utilities industries and features over 950 exhibitors. The show is also known as The Demo Expo due to its large outdoor exhibit space and is produced by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Akkerman has been an ICUEE exhibitor since 2003.


December 2016 - Introducing the 1325B Lubrication and Bentonite Pump

Brownsdale, MN – December 6, 2016 – Akkerman announces the addition of the 1325B Lubrication and Bentonite Pump to its line-up of guided boring lubrication solutions. The 1325B is a hydraulically-driven, high pressure bentonite pump for effective pilot tube lubrication and flushing of cuttings, particularly on long bores and downward slope alignments.

The robust 1325B Lubrication and Bentonite Pump is ideal for guided boring, guided auger boring and soft rock projects using the Rock Drill Adapter and Tri-Hawk® drill bit as well as pressure cleaning applications.

The unit will displace a Marsh Funnel viscosity as high as 50 seconds to flush cuttings with impressive pump flow up to 6 gpm (22.7 L/min) at 2,600 psi (17,926 kPa). The pump meets a full spectrum of project requirements to handle a viscosity range of slurry up to 50 Marsh Funnel seconds.

The 325 gallon (1,230 L) tank features in-tank agitation for aggressive and continuous mixing. The 1325B can independently agitate or agitate and pump to maintain mud viscosity. The 325 gallon (1,230 L) tank presents enough fluid capacity for the average 400-lf. (122 m) bore.

The 1325B is powered by an electric start Kohler® gasoline engine with 14HP (10 kW) and a 1.9 gal (7.3 L) fuel tank.

Not only is the 1325B Lubrication and Bentonite Pump robust, it is also simple, safe and reliable. There are few moving parts, no belts and a shrouded agitator. The stepped platform makes it easy for operators to access or fill the tank. The battery is located inside a plastic housing to eliminate contact with operators. If the pump runs dry, it will not cause internal damage. The unit’s relief valve limits the pump’s maximum pressure and pressure can be adjusted to match tooling requirements. An in-shaft control pendant comes standard and allows operators to vary flow and pressure as needed.

The unit is compact and portable on the project site and sized for quadcon container storage in colder climates with dimensions of 58-in. (1,473 mm) (h) x 88.25-in. (2,241 mm) (l) x 46.5-in. (1,181 mm) (w).

November 2016 - Introducing the Guide Rod Swivel (GRS-50) Family of Cutter Heads

Brownsdale, MN – November 10, 2016 – To achieve guided boring steel casing installations in deep, densely compacted ground and soft rock, Akkerman announces the newest solution in the Guided Boring Machine (GBM) equipment line, the Guide Rod Swivel (GRS-50) family of cutter heads with a universal bearing swivel. The robust GRS-50 family contains five sizes of high thrust bearing upsizing tools able to withstand up to fifty tons of continuous thrust loads on guided boring, guided auger boring, and soft rock pilot tube projects.

Akkerman’s GRS-50 is a versatile choice for an incredible range of pilot tube projects. It is used during guided auger boring to upsize from the pilot tube to the steel casing diameters and also follow the Rock Drill Adapter (RDA) with Tri-Hawk® drill bit tooling in weathered rock conditions. On projects with space constraints, the GRS-50 is also compatible with a 4800 Series Jacking Frame with an Auger Boring Adapter for spoil discharge.*

The GRS-50 Cutter Heads meet the outside diameter of common steel casing pipe in 24, 26, 28, 30, and 36 inch diameters. The complete assembly is housed in a reusable, casing sleeve to ensure optimum and consistent performance with all manufacturers’ steel casing. The GRS-50 is an economical solution since the seven-inch bearing swivel is universal to all GRS-50 Cutter Heads and securely bolts onto the cutter head collar. Two seals inside the bearing swivel prevent contaminants from entering the main housing.

The guide shaft extends beyond the face of the cutter head and connects to the last length of pilot tube to firmly hold the alignment on line and grade. During steel casing installation, the bearing swivel absorbs the rotational torque while the cutter head excavates in a clockwise manner. Excavated spoil enters the cutter head and flows through the auger flighting for removal in the launch shaft.

The durable, carbide gage cutter bit tooling is the same proven design used on Akkerman Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). Gage cutter bits along the perimeter of the cutter head create the bore overcut. If an obstacle is encountered, they are situated on collapsible wings that retract into the casing sleeve for pullback. In this event, the guide shaft can quickly reconnect to the hex connection on the pilot tube to resume bore advancement. The gage cutter bit’s round shank allows it to turn as it excavates ground for optimal wear and longevity and if necessary, can be easily replaced.

The complete assembly includes a GRS-50 Cutter Head, a Bearing Swivel, an Auger Drive Adapter for six to five-inch lead auger hex connection and a Casing Sleeve. The assembly is 42-inches (1,067 mm) long from tip of the guide shaft to the rear Auger Drive Adapter.

To upsize from the pilot tubes in ground conditions requiring less jacking force, a single or two-step weld-on reaming head remains the appropriate choice for these circumstances.

*The 4800 Series Jacking Frame and Auger Boring Adapter are compatible with the 24 through 30-inch diameter GRS-50 Cutter Heads.

July 2016 - UCS Mexico Named Dealer of Akkerman Equipment in Mexico and Central America

Brownsdale, MN – July 25, 2016 – On June 29, 2016, Akkerman entered into dealership contract with Underground Construction Supply (UCS) Mexico as sole Akkerman equipment representative in Mexico and Central America.

UCS Mexico was established in 2013 to support the booming underground construction market in this region and has since diversified to address contractors’ needs in the trenchless pipe jacking and tunneling, HDD, pipe bursting, trenching, and vacuum excavation markets. UCS Mexico also offers service, aftermarket parts, and lubrication expertise. They employ over two dozen underground construction specialists, who represent various equipment manufacturers and territories throughout the region.

Jason Holden, Director of Sales at Akkerman comments, “We feel fortunate to have formed a relationship with UCS Mexico and are confident that they will serve our customers’ needs with competence and efficiency." Holden also commends the CEO of UCS Mexico, “Ing. Sergio Alvarado Martin is incredibly knowledgeable of the trenchless industry and is a great resource for pairing our equipment with projects in Mexico and Central America. Sergio is a motivated, energetic and driven company owner and it is these qualities that have allowed UCS Mexico to become one of the leading suppliers of trenchless products in the region."

Contact UCS Mexico at +52 (55) 5932 5444 and visit ucsmexico.com for more information.

In the last two decades, Akkerman equipment has been prominent in the emerging trenchless market in Mexico and Central America, resulting in many key contractors’ adoption of trenchless methods into their service portfolios. The Comisión del Agua del Estado de México (CAEM) in Mexico City Owners has shown strong support for these methods in its effort to upgrade sewer and water infrastructure.

To date, over 100km of pipe has been installed with Akkerman guided boring, manned pipe jacking, slurry microtunneling and earth pressure balance systems in Mexico City. The first Akkerman pipe jacking system, an excavator shield, was sent to Mexico in 1994 for a demonstration project in Chalco Nuevo and followed later in the year by a TBM sale for the Colector Franc SCO Villa, Zonia IV project. In 2012, the first guided boring system was used on the Subcolector San Marcos project, followed by the first Akkerman slurry microtunneling system in 2014 for the Colector Los Reyes de la Pas project. Most recently, an earth pressure balance system was shipped in 2015 for the Colector Emiliano Zapata project in Ecatepec, which was completed in February.

July 2016 - Cecilia Zavaleta and Yovani Zelaya Join Akkerman

Brownsdale, MN – July 18, 2016 – Akkerman announces the appointment of Cecilia Zavaleta as sales engineer and Yovani Zelaya as project manager to its sales team.

Zavaleta will provide sales and customer support in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, and establish new and sustain existing dealership relations in Mexico, and Central and South America. In addition, Zavaleta will have a specialized focus on pipeline infrastructure projects throughout North America.

Zavaleta has been in sales and new business development in the heavy construction equipment industry for over 10 years, predominately in western United States, Canada and Mexico. Zavaleta was most recently employed by American Augers/Trencor, Inc. as a territory sales manager where she was responsible for customer support, new account development, establishing dealerships, and brand training for dealer personnel. Prior to this Zavaleta handled sales and customer management then transitioned to co-owner and general manager for Roadrunner Construction Supply and HDD Repair in Bloomington, CA. Zavaleta is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Zavaleta is completing her Doctor of Business Administration degree at Argosy University, in Ontario, California and completed her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business administration at California Baptist University, in Riverside, California.

Zelaya will be responsible for domestic sales activities and project forecasting in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Zelaya contributes a unique perspective to the sales team given his varied background in the oilfield and fluid manufacturing industries. Zelaya was previously employed as general manager at drilling fluids manufacturer Glob Energy Corporation in Houston, TX. Early in his career at oilfield products and services supplier Baker Hughes Inc. of Houston, Zelaya was a numerical control (NC) programmer and computer numerical control (CNC) machinist.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Tyler in Houston and holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Zelaya is also fluent in English and Spanish.

Jason Holden, Director of Sales at Akkerman comments, “We are very excited to have Cecilia and Yovani as part of the company and I have full confidence in their abilities to expand the reach of Akkerman equipment. Their bilingual capabilities are a key benefit to enhance communications with customers in these territories. Cecilia and Yovani’s contributions complement our existing team in our pursuit of providing project solutions to our customers and positioning our equipment in key markets. We are really looking forward to great things in the future for Akkerman.�?

Zavaleta works out of her home office in Riverside, CA and be reached at (800) 533-0386 extension 178, and here. Zelaya is based out of his home office in Houston, TX and can be reached at (800) 533-0386 extension 133 and here.


November 2015 - 23rd Annual Pilot Tube/Microtunneling Short Course

Brownsdale, MN – November 12, 2015 – Mark your calendar for the 23rd annual Pilot Tube/Microtunneling Short Course on February 8-11, 2016. Presented by industry experts, the world’s foremost microtunneling educational opportunity offers informal and intimate networking possibilities. Akkerman is the main event sponsor and contributor to the course agenda.

The four-day format dedicates the first day to pilot tube and other guided boring methods and subsequent three-days to slurry microtunneling. A varied panel of experts will present on topics ranging from traditional and curved microtunneling design and bidding, equipment innovations, new technologies emerging in small diameter tunneling, case studies, site preparation, ground stabilization, shaft construction, pipe selection, and production just to name a few.

The 23rd annual Pilot Tube/Microtunneling Short Course will be hosted at the University of Colorado Boulder’s spacious, state-of-the-art facilities. The one-day Pilot Tube course will be held in the Balch Fieldhouse and the three-day Microtunneling course will take place at the campus’s new Touchdown Club at Folsom Field, adjacent to the Fieldhouse. The new location makes it possible to showcase enhanced equipment displays to complement the course agenda and result in a more comprehensive experience.

Akkerman will host their 3rd annual hospitality reception on February 10, 2016 at the nearby Boulder Marriott, which is open to all short course participants.

This year we have the privilege of recognizing one of our own as a Microtunneling Achievement Award winner at the banquet on February 11, 2016. Troy Stokes, among other esteemed leaders will be honored for their dedication to the microtunneling industry.

Established in 1994, the Microtunneling Short Course has educated more than 2,700 microtunneling professionals and is held in partnership with Trenchless Technology magazine and Benjamin Media. The complete course agenda, registration, travel and lodging information will be forthcoming.

September 2015 - Underground R&D: Akkerman Drill Head Adapter

Brownsdale, MN – September 24, 2015 – Guided Boring Machine (GBM) systems have been used to assist contractors with accurate and extended drives for nearly 15 years. Along the way, Akkerman has developed a series of tooling for a range of geology and upsizing processes to help facilitate longer runs and increase production rates. The variety of project applications seemed limitless, however, when faced with non-displaceable/rock conditions; guided auger boring became unfeasible — until now.

The concept for a steering head adapter to accommodate HDD drilling tools for our pilot tube systems has been years in the making. We’ve brainstormed many possibilities with our equipment representative in Australia. We wanted a product that could aggressively break down the rock and compressed geology found in much of Australia and if all went well, market it worldwide. After deciding on a drill bit tooling option, the adapter design came to fruition and in early September, we had an opportunity to put our prototype to the test.

The Akkerman Drill Head Adapter assembly was used on its inaugural drive on a project in Darwin, Australia for a steel casing installation. The contractor, Queensland Infrastructure Services (QIS), used a GBM 240A and guidance system to install pilot tubes to achieve line and grade accuracy and later upsized to the steel casing diameter with their American Augers® auger boring rig. QIS coupled the adapter with a TriHawk® I Drill Bit from Hammerhead® which chewed its way along the 83-lf. (25m) bore path as a bentonite pump helped to flush the cuttings away. After following along its course through what the crew referred to as “bloody hard" rock, the tooling emerged into a manhole at the exact target. QIS and the owner were thrilled with its success and plan to use it for four more drives on the same project, one that will be significantly longer. Crew members dubbed it “the animal" for the way that it attacked the rock. You can view it in action here.

The Akkerman Drill Head Adapter was revealed in early September at the No Dig Down Under 2015 Gold Coast Show and sparked much interest from attendees. Stateside, ICUEE attendees will be able to see the adapter and with a TriHawk® V Drill bit next week in our outdoor display #K103 in Louisville, KY.

TriHawk® is a registered trademark of Earth Tool Company.

September 2015 - Introducing the P100E Power Pack to the GBM Equipment Family

Brownsdale, MN – September 14, 2015 – The P100E Power Pack was developed to provide contractors with an alternative to address regional requirements of the EPA’s mandate for Tier 4 diesel emission standards. The P100E footprint is comparable to the diesel version in the Power Pack family, and equipped with all the same favored amenities with the added benefits of a low decibel noise level, simplified controls, and reduced maintenance.

The P100E is powered by a 100 HP (75 kW) motor to match the hydraulic requirements of our GBM jacking frames. The electrical motor allows contractors to capitalize on the unit’s useable horsepower, nearly 30% over the diesel version, due to a higher input horsepower to the pump. The Power Pack’s soft start feature makes it possible to couple the unit with a wide array of generators sizes, down to the recommended operating minimum requirement of 125 kW/150 kVa.

The P100E has two, variable volume pumps, each capable of 0-5,000 psi (34,475 mPa) and 0-31 gpm. The pumps facilitate power for rotation and jacking functions to the GBM jacking frame. Hydraulic pressure gauges are adjacent to the pumps, and within easy view for crew members to observe operating pressures.

To contend with the demanding environments where our pipe jacking systems are used, contractors will appreciate the totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) electric motor. The TEFC is a robust and more reliable power source, and has also been integrated into our Tunnel Boring System’s 5200 Pump Unit.

The control panel is located on the container’s door for accessible operation. Power pack start-up can be initiated from the control panel or with the in-shaft pendant. The unit’s three-phase indicator provides a visual indication of correct connections to the generator. The power supply cable is secured to the control panel and conveniently stored on the container door.

The oil cooling system consists of an in-tank control and a multi-plate, air-to-oil cooler to maintain hydraulic operating temperature. Cooling takes place through an electric motor driven fan. In order to maintain an efficient operating temperature, a sensor triggers operation when the oil temperature reaches a pretest value, which is advantageous when the unit is used in cooler climates.

The same ease of use features favored by contractors in our Power Pack family have followed through in the P100E design. The extendable power unit assembly contains hydraulic hose reels, pumps, fluid reservoirs and gauges. Doors at both ends of the container can be opened so operators can walk-through to access the wall mounted tooling storage rack.

The assembly includes six 50-ft. (15 m) hydraulic hose sets to connect to jacking frame functions. New and unique hydraulic hose quick disconnects (QDs) reduce set-up time with a two-turn/two-start thread connection. The QD’s connecting collar holds bearings so the hose can swivel under higher operating pressures which eliminate twisting.

Crew safety was a key factor in the P100E design. The electric motor makes for a low decibel noise level. When used in low-light environments, two interior LED lights plus the white interior illuminate the power pack’s tooling and controls. The e-stop control button is easily accessible and visible from the operational end of the unit.

The P100E is compatible with GBM 240A, 308A, 339A jacking frames and pipe increase tooling.

August 2015 - Going Big at ICUEE

Brownsdale, MN – August 27, 2015 – We always go big at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville and this year is no exception! ICUEE, known as The Demo Expo, makes it possible for Akkerman to bring our machinery direct to attendees, and a whole host of equipment will fill our large outdoor display.

The largest exhibit will be the complete Tunnel Boring System. The newest models in our flagship product line are the Series II TBM 600 and the 5200 Pump Unit. The Series II TBM family consists of eight TBM models with common ease of operating controls. When coupled with a 5200 Pump Unit, contractors can expect improved precise control and enhanced performance in varying and challenging geology. This all-in-one system is a turnkey solution for 48-94.5-in. OD pipe jacking installations. Positioned alongside the pipe jacking system will be an operable 1548 Haul Unit spoil removal system.

Attendees will find the GBM equipment on exhibit to be just as diverse as the applications where these systems are used. The 4800 Series Jacking Frame will be presented with the new High Torque Casing Adapter (HTCA) with a 36-in. (914 mm) auger boring master ring. This combination provides a maximum output torque of 100,000 ft-lbs for auger boring applications. The master ring is positioned between the thrust block and lead casing to adapt to 36-in. (914 mm) casing while the dirt paddles handle the spoil volume. The robust 4800 Series Jacking Frame with 40-in. (1,016 mm) stroke cylinders, makes it possible to install a full length of pilot tube in one push. Alone, this jacking frame will install up to 2 m pipe, but when coupled with varying configurations of 2, 10 and 14-ft. (0.6, 3, 4.3 m) skids extensions, it can install 8, 10 and 20-ft. (2.4, 3, 6 m) pipe lengths.

Guided auger boring continues to be a popular application and Akkerman has the tooling for its variety and success. ICUEE attendees will see the GBM 240A Jacking Frame equipped with a Universal Auger Bore Rig Adapter. Guided auger boring contractors know that lubrication is key to accurate pilot tubes runs and the 1325G Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump is a handy companion.

Power Packs provide our GBM jacking frames with hydraulic power and the newest models are the six-cylinder, liquid cooled, 250 HP P250D with a diesel engine and the 100 HP (74 kW) electric P100E. The P100E presents contractors with an alternative choice to address the EPA’s mandate of Tier 4 diesel emission reduction standards. ICUEE show attendees can walk-through the Power Packs and view their fully extendable power unit assemblies and tooling storage racks.

Numerous pieces of GBM ancillary equipment including a GBM Guidance System, several Powered Reaming Head (PRH) assemblies, a Powered Cutter Head (PCH) 44, and the 2325D Jetting and Lubrication Pump will also be displayed.

Be sure to inquire about the newest improvements to our Microtunneling equipment line, now featuring larger diameter MTBMs with the ability for face access and a complementing guidance system for extended distances and curved applications.

Members of our sales, engineering and aftermarket support departments will be available to greet guests and answer questions in outdoor exhibit space #K103.

ICUEE will be held on September 29 – October 1 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. ICUEE attracts contractors and municipality professionals involved in the utilities industries and features over 850 manufacturing exhibitors. The show is touted as The Demo Expo due to its outdoor exhibit space The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) is the show owner and producer.

March 2015 - 5200 Pump Unit for the Akkerman Tunnel Boring System

Brownsdale, MN – March 10, 2015 – Akkerman Tunnel Boring Systems have been installing pipe around the world for over 40 years. Akkerman is pleased to introduce the 5200 Pump Unit, the most essential element of the Tunnel Boring System. This flagship product has been improved in several areas while retaining the best qualities of its predecessors, to achieve optimal pipe jacking performance.

The 5200 Pump Unit maximizes the Tunnel Boring System’s capabilities with enhanced functionality to offer the utmost power and precision in many geological circumstances. The unit presents application flexibility with three independent hydraulic sources – two low-pressure sources for the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) boring head supply and one high-pressure source for jacking and Intermediate Jacking Stations (IJSs).

Low-pressure hydraulic boring head supply is provided by two, 100 HP (74 kW), totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) electric motors. Each motor features variable displacement piston pumps managed with electronic displacement control, allowing the user to select between 30, 60, 90, or 120 gpm at the flip of a switch. The boring head system supplies 30-120 gpm of oil at 3,000 psi to all Akkerman TBMs or 30-60 gpm at 5,000 psi to Series II TBMs. The advanced 5,000 psi boring head supply is advantageous in demanding ground conditions which require increased cutter torque and greater horsepower in single feed applications.

All jacking and IJSs functions are accomplished by a 12.5 gpm, 8,000 psi capable pump, driven by a 60 HP TEFC electric motor. At 8,000 psi, the jacking system offers 400 tons of jacking force and 30% more pressure for the IJSs. Operators will appreciate the handling of jacking functions with variable pump output and electronic valve actuation.

A 240 gal (908 L) hydraulic tank supplies oil to the pumps and in-tank filtration keeps it free of contaminates. Oil also continuously flows through a dedicated cooling and filtration circuit.

The importance of operator’s safety is evident in the 5200 Pump Unit design. An emergency e-stop is located on the operator’s platform and an optional remote cabled e-stop is available for in-shaft personnel. The control panel on the operator’s station has an enhanced interface and simplified appearance.

The 5200 Pump Unit touts many additional quality features. The unit can be hoisted from a single lift point. The location of the laser slot ensures an unobstructed laser path. Removable, vandal resistant, lockable doors protect the unit during when not in use. Electric is facilitated through a 400-amp, 480-volt, 3-phase connection. The 5200 Pump Unit is 90-in. (2,286 mm) tall, making it ideal for clearance when used with most pit shorting configurations.

The 5200 Pump Unit is interchangeable with all Akkerman Tunnel Boring System components. Contact a sales engineer for more information about this and all Akkerman equipment offerings.

January 2015 - 22nd Annual Pilot Tube Microtunneling/Microtunneling Short CourseShort Course

Brownsdale, MN – January 27, 2015 – The Colorado School of Mines will host the 22nd Pilot Tube Microtunneling/Microtunneling Short Course on February 9-12, 2015. The event is considered one of the foremost educational opportunities in the microtunneling industry. Akkerman is main event sponsor and contributor to the course agenda.

The four-day format dedicates the first day to the field of pilot tube microtunneling and subsequent three-days to slurry microtunneling. A varied panel of experts will present such topics as design and bidding, site preparation, ground stabilization, shaft construction, case studies, pipe selection, production, and equipment specifications.

Making a stop enroute as they travel to the Paradise-Whitney Interceptor (PWI) Alignment project in Las Vegas, NV, an Akkerman SL60 Microtunneling Boring Machine (MTBM), control container and remote hydraulic power pack will be on display during the research lab tour on Wednesday, February 11. This equipment will be used to install over 10,000 lineal feet of 60-in. ID wastewater pipelines for the Clark County Water Reclamation District in the Las Vegas Valley. Microtunneling subcontractor Frontier Kemper Constructors of Sylmar, CA will launch the MTBM at the end of February. Construction is being performed by a joint venture of Pipe Jacking Unlimited of San Bernardino, CA and Frontier Kemper. In addition, several products from Akkerman's guided boring equipment line will be on static display.

A hospitality reception on February 11, 2015 from 6-9 p.m. at the Table Mountain Inn is open to all short course attendees, compliments of Akkerman.

The complete course agenda, and registration and travel information can be obtained here.


June 2014 - P250D Power Pack

Brownsdale, MN – June 2, 2014 – New to the market, the robust P250D power pack provides plenty of hydraulic power to operate the GBM 4815A jacking frame and larger diameter GBM tooling, while incorporating many ease of use and safety features.

The P250D houses a 250HP (186 kW) engine to match the hydraulic requirements of our largest jacking frame with the engine supply to install up to 48-in. OD (1,219 mm) pipe. The P250D’s six-cylinder diesel engine is liquid-cooled. The 25 gpm (95L/min) cooling circuit makes efficient use of hydraulic oil, maintains low operating temperatures and requires less horsepower (kilowatts). Three load sense, variable piston pumps offer independent operation for jacking, rotation and PCH operation at 0-60 gpm (0-227L/min). The engine’s electric block heater assists starting in cold climates.

The P250D’s power unit assembly is fully operational inside or outside of the container. The power unit assembly can be extended from the container for optimal access to the engine, hose reels, pumps, fluid reservoirs and gauges. With the doors open, operators can walk through to the pilot tube accessories storage area on the container’s wall. The assembly includes 50-ft. (15 m) hydraulic hose sets for jacking frame connections along with a remote control pendant for in-shaft operation.

This P250D is the first of its kind to introduce universal, hydraulic quick disconnect hose connections. The QD’s connecting collar has bearings so the hose can swivel under higher operating pressures to eliminate twisting. The quick disconnects reduce set-up time by 70% due to their unique two-turn/two-start thread connection.

The P250D includes numerous safety features. An e-stop control button is easily accessible from the operational end of the unit and when on, is illuminated for clear visibility in low light. Interior lights shine on the engine, oil reservoir and main doors. The main pump valve features a safety switch, allowing for engine start-up only when the valve is in the full open position. When in operation with the doors closed, the engine’s 70dB level meets tier III standards. Air for the radiator is drawn from the top of the unit forcing engine noise upwards, which also contributes to the unit’s quiet operation.

The P250D is compatible with all GBM jacking frames and accessory tooling.

April 2014 - 1325G Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump

Brownsdale, MN – April 8, 2014 – Successful guided auger boring contractors know that their bore’s accuracy depends on competent pilot tube steering coupled with ground appropriate lubrication. The 1325G Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump enhances these skills while serving as an invaluable, multi-faceted tool.

The 325 gal (1,230 L) tank offers 2,000 psi (13,790 kPa) of pressure at 7 gpm (26.5L/min) of pump flow, providing enough fluid capacity for the average 400-ft. (122m) bore. The tank can be filled with liquid-based polymers to supply lubrication to the pilot tube string or with water for pressure cleaning operations.

The 1325G design is simple and self-contained. Power is provided via direct-drive from engine to pump through a gearbox. The pump’s in-tank agitation quickly and evenly mixes liquid-based polymers and prevents fluid settlement. A relief valve limits the pump’s pressures as necessary. The electric start Kohler engine offers 14HP (10 kW) at 3,600 rpm’s with a 1.8 gal (7L) gas tank capacity. The empty tank assembly weight is just under 1,000 lbs. (454 kg), making the unit highly portable to and on the project site. The unit’s overall dimensions are 52-in. (h) x 89-in. (l) x 50-in. (w), intended to make container storage possible in colder climates.

The 1325G Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump design integrates several safety features. The stepped platform makes it easy for operators to access or fill the 325 gal (L) tank. The battery is located inside a plastic housing to eliminate contact with operators. The lack of moving parts in the tank makes for safe interior access.


September 2013 - Akkerman Appoints New Director of Sales

Brownsdale, MN – September 26, 2013 – Pipe jacking and tunneling equipment manufacturer Akkerman announces the appointment of Jason Holden to Director of Sales.

Holden has been an integral part of Akkerman for nearly 10 years. He began his career with Akkerman as an engineer for both the Microtunneling boring equipment (MTBM) and Earth Pressure Balance equipment (EPBM) product lines. In these roles, Holden developed designs for segment erecting EPBMs, several microtunneling system components along with providing onsite technical support. Most recently, he’s been responsible for sales territories in Eastern North America, Asia and the Middle East and will continue to maintain relationships in these regions. During his tenure at Akkerman, Holden has traveled and presented extensively at industry trade shows, seminars and educational forums. Prior to Akkerman, Holden traveled for Oxbo International as an international service technician and field engineer. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Minnesota State University.

September 2013 - Come See Akkerman at ICUEE, October 1-3

Brownsdale, MN – September 19, 2013 - Akkerman is planning a big presence at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, October 1-3, 2013. ICUEE, known as The Demo Expo, allows Akkerman to bring our machinery direct to attendees. We're filling a large outdoor space with Akkerman pipe jacking and guided boring lines of equipment.

The newest product for reveal at the show will be the 4815A GBM jacking frame. The 4815A design was made essential with GBM projects trending towards 400-ft. + (122 m) length pipe installations. These drives require additional torque and jacking force to advance tooling strings accurately at these lengths. The 4815A jacking frame features 30% more rotational torque than other jacking frame models. The 4815A frame is able to install up to 48-in. (1,219 mm) OD pipe in 8-ft. (2.4 m) lengths or 10 and 20-ft. (3,6 m) pipe lengths with frame extensions.

Additional GBM equipment on display will be the GBM 240A jacking frame, the Powered Reaming Head (PRH) kit, a Powered Cutter Head (PCH) 22.5 and 2325D Jetting and Lubrication Pump. Attendees will also be able to experience the all-in-one Series II pipe jacking system featuring a TBM 600 along with a 1548 Haul Unit.

A full force of Akkerman sales and engineering staff will be available for discussion and questions.

ICUEE is held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. ICUEE attracts contractors and municipality professionals involved in the utilities industries and features over 800 exhibitors. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) is the show owner and producer.

September 2013 - Akkerman 4815A GBM Jacking Frame for 8-ft.+ Pipe Lenghts

Brownsdale, MN – September 11, 2013 – Akkerman is pleased to introduce the 4815A jacking frame, the newest addition to the Guided Boring Machine (GBM) line of equipment.

The 4815A design was made essential with GBM projects trending towards 400-ft. + (122 m) length pipe installations. These drives require additional torque and jacking force to advance tooling strings accurately at these lengths. The 4815A jacking frame features 30% more rotational torque than other GBM jacking frame models. Operators using the 4815A have precision, two-speed advancement control options through the gear box for installing GBM tooling. The 100-ton fast and 265-ton slow advance speeds with 100-tons of pull-back force give operators complete control over GBM accessories. The rotational torque operates in two ranges of force, 0-10,500-ft-lbs. and 0-26,000-ft-lbs. to match the tooling requirements. Each torque range offers two speed options with 35 and 50-rpms in the low torque and 23 and 35 rpms in the high torque settings.

The 4815A frame is able to install up to 48-in. (1,219 mm) OD pipe in 8-ft. (2.4 m) lengths. Frames extensions for 10 and 20-ft. (3,6 m) pipe lengths are available. The frame’s 7.5-in. (191 mm) cylinders have a 30-in. (762 mm) stroke and latch on center every 24-inches (610 mm). The 4815A is designed to work out of a minimum 15-ft. (4.6 m) round or square shaft. The frame weighs in at 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg), nearly half the weight of its predecessor.

The 4815A performs with all existing GBM tooling currently used on 240, 308 and 4812 jacking frames. An optional Power Cutter Head/ Power Reaming Head hydraulic control package is available.

The 4815A GBM jacking frame will be revealed at the ICUEE show in Louisville, KY, October 1-3. 2013.

February 2013 - Eliminator: GBM Tooling for Non-Displaceable Spoils

Brownsdale, MN – February 12, 2013 - A manufacturer and customer collaboration between the City of Edmonton and Akkerman this past fall, proved to be mutually advantageous. In fall of 2012, Akkerman put its new GBM system tooling, the Eliminator through the paces of real world testing in Edmonton, AB Canada. With the Eliminator and the assistance of Akkerman’s crew of accomplished technicians they successfully completed two, 250-foot (76.2 m) drives of 27-inch ID (686 mm) No-Dig clay pipe through non-displaceable clay and clay stone.

The Eliminator is a new 16-inch (406 mm) diameter boring head designed to work with the standard GBM family of Akkerman tools that has been in service since 2001. Named the Eliminator, the cutter head excavates as the lead tooling in soils that are considered too hard for Akkerman pilot tube penetration, therefore eliminating the use of pilot tubes.

The Eliminator is optically guided using typical GBM guidance system components and a target which can be viewed through the string of hollow stem augers. The hollow stem augers are used to drive the cutter bit and transport cuttings back to the launch shaft. Several cutter face bit configurations are available and can be tailored for specific ground conditions. While mining, steering changes are negotiated using three independently controlled, hydraulic shoes. The head is equipped with high pressure jetting nozzles to supply lubrication to the cutter face bit during operation. Once launched, the Eliminator has the ability to be retrieved by pulling it back to the launch shaft. This functionality is extremely beneficial in the event that that there is a change in ground conditions so the operator can make a cutter bit change.

A member of the Akkerman sales team was informed of a project by customer, the City of Edmonton, where pipe installations were required in non-displaceable clay and clay stone. Akkerman and the City of Edmonton viewed this project as an ideal prospect for the Eliminator and soon organized the logistics. Using the Eliminator would prove to be a time saving alternative method for this gravity flow sewer alignment, which was designed as a ring-beam and lagging hand-minded tunnel with a carrier pipe followed by grout fill. The alignment had to maintain an accuracy of at least 2-inches (51 mm) for gravity flow.

The contractor, The City of Edmonton designs, constructs and maintains all of their sanitary and storm water services through their Drainage Services Branch. They began providing pilot tube microtunneling services in 2008, with the addition of an Akkerman Guided Boring Machine (GBM) 4812 jacking system.

An Akkerman technician and engineer arrived on site to assess the project and meet the eight-man crew. They worked inside a 14-foot (4.3 m) diameter shaft at a depth of 46-feet (14 m). The customer’s 4812A jacking frame, powered by a P275 diesel power unit were used to propel the Eliminator through the ground connected to the 16-inch diameter 1-meter long casings and hollow stemmed augers. The installation was a two-pass method. The first pass, consisting of the Eliminator attached to the casings and hollow stemmed augers represented a mere three-day of production time. The second pass, made with the 28.5�? Powered Cutter Head (PCH) outfitted with an increase kit and the final product pipe, was completed in seven days. The tooling was recovered from a 10-foot (3 m) diameter reception shaft. The second drive produced a similar production rates.


August 2012 - Exclusive Notched Thrust Casing Assembly for Efficient Installation

Brownsdale, MN – August 14, 2012 – The Notched Thrust Casing Assembly is an exclusive design, wholly created and engineered by Akkerman. The differentiating points with the new casing include symmetrical notched connections that are secured with a casing collar and common hardware, along with their capacity for extended wear and tear.

The foremost inherent value in this casing is that it ensures improved production. The casings join together by positioning the symmetrical notches into one another and are then secured with a collar for a flush circumference. The collar wraps around the join with common hardware. The casing connections are non-particular, since both ends are the same, so crew members need only orient the auger during positioning. Not only do they quickly connect, their removal is also expedited at the end of the drive. The casing’s multiple wear points also prolong the casing life.

The Notched Thrust Casing Assemblies are available in standard and heavy duty sizes. The standard variety are able to withstand up to 100-tons of jacking force and 50-tons of pullback force and the heavy duty models with bear up to 200-tons of jacking force and 100-tons of pull back force.

The Notched Thrust Casing Assembly can be used with standard Akkerman augers, powered cutter heads and the powered reaming head kit to suit most typical sizes of product pipe for a wide range of geology. Each assembly is commonly packaged in a transportable, heavy duty basket that contributes to site safety and tidiness.

March 2012 - Akkerman Receives MNSHARP Recertification

Brownsdale, MN – March 26, 2012– Akkerman received a recommendation for continued Minnesota Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (MN SHARP) certification following a three-day comprehensive site visit last week.

MNSHARP is a Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MNOSHA) program of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MNDLI). MNSHARP recognized companies substantiate exemplary health and safety programs that supersede applicable OSHA standards. Akkerman is one of 39 MNSHARP certified worksites in Minnesota out of 150,000 OSHA regulated companies.

The three-day comprehensive survey included meetings with various personnel plus safety committee members. Two representatives from the MNDLI performed a thorough site inspection in all areas of the manufacturing facility. The site visit concluded with the review of the 58-point evaluation, OSHA Form 33, with recommendations for further safety enrichment.

At the closing meeting, Jeff Wasvick, Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Consultant, stated that he was “impressed when talking with employees and seeing their pride in participation in Akkerman’s safety program�?. He further noted that “It is evident that Akkerman has successfully adopted a safety and health culture that is apparent at all levels in the company.�?

In the past two years since MN SHARP has been in effect, Akkerman has noticed cost savings in terms of lowered medical treatments related to injuries and illnesses. Akkerman has posted only one recordable injury but no loss time injuries for calendar year 2011. Improvements Manager, Gary Medgaarden noted that “We also investigate all near misses that occur. Our goal is to have zero recordable injuries, and the best way to get to zero is to investigate all near misses. In addition, training and enforcement also enhance our program.�?

MNSHARP compliance entitles Akkerman to an exemption from MNOSHA inspections for another three years with the remittance of interim self-evaluation reports.

February 2012 - Sivesind Join Sales Team

February 21, 2012 - Akkerman welcomes Chris Sivesind to its sales and marketing division.

Sivesind's qualifications and expertise in the pipe jacking and tunneling industry will complement and further enhance the Akkerman team. Sivesind’s was most recently employed by The Robbins Company in Kent, WA as a sales engineer for their small boring and auger boring equipment. Prior to this, he spent several years with United Rental Trench Safety as a sales representative and specialty shoring installation consultant on the West Coast. Sivesind’s family owned Tunnel Systems, Inc., a pipe jacking and auger boring business where he worked at the Spokane, WA satellite office as a regional manager and partnered with civil engineers to encourage trenchless project designs. He’s an active participant in industry associations NASTT, ISTT and CSITT, has authored and presented several papers at their conferences and serves as secretary for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of NASTT. He received his formal education from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Rob Tumbleson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing states, “It’s not often that we have the opportunity to bring on a staff member with Chris’s level of sales expertise and personal integrity. I anticipate that Chris will be integral to our efforts, as we grow and expand our line of products and areas of geographic representation.�?

Sivesind will be based out of his home in near Seattle. Contact Chris at csivesind@akkerman.com or 800.533.0386 ext. 155.