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Excavator Boring Shield and EX-50 Excavator

Excavator Boring Shield and
EX-50 Excavator

EBS 840, 960, 1080, 1200, 1440

Excavator Boring Shields (EBSs), equipped with the EX-50 Excavator are suitable for 100 - 168-in. OD pipe jacking, and liner plate and ring-beam and lagging tunnel building applications. The EX-50 excavator is controlled with a joy stick and foot controls, and removes soil and obstacles at the face of the bore between the boring shield’s shelves. Soil is excavated with the EX-50 backhoe claw and transported by a belt or screw conveyor to a large capacity haul unit for removal from the launch shaft. EBSs can be equipped with close-able, hydraulic doors to prevent subsidence from entering the interior.