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Guided Boring Machines (GBM)

Guided Boring Systems
The Akkerman Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system offers customers extended and accurate drive lengths in various ground conditions for 4-48" (102 - 1,219 mm) OD pipe installations. The GBM provides the spoil removal process of the auger boring machine and the same level of accuracy as traditional microtunneling—all in one compact, multifaceted system. The pipe installation involves a multi-step process where launch and reception shafts are strategically located to minimize surface disruption. Several robust jacking frame configurations are available to meet contractor’s needs. The digital guidance system provides line and grade accuracy up to 487' (150 m) +. An extensive line-up of Akkerman GBM ancillary equipment provides contractors with the versatility they need for a wide range of soil conditions, pipe diameters and project applications.
GBM Technical Manual (12 MB - rev. 081514)


GBM 240A Jacking Frame
The 240A is a single stage long frame with a 48” (1,219 mm) stroke cylinder for smooth continuous advancement. When used as a stand alone unit, the 240A jacking frame gives operators the ability to install up to 24" (610 mm) OD, one-meter pipe from a 10' (3 m) shaft. It can be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with an auger boring rig.

GBM Product Guide 240A System | 240A Jacking Frame Spec Sheet

308A Jacking Frame

GBM 308A/339A Jacking Frame
The 308A/339A latching frames allows operators to install up to 30" OD (762 mm) pipe from an 8 or 9' (2.4/2.7 m) minimal diameter shaft.

GBM Product Guide 308A/339A System | 308A Jacking Frame Spec Sheet

4815a GBM Jacking Frame GBM 48 Series Jacking Frame

Operators using a GBM 48 Series jacking frame have precision, two-speed advancement control options through the gear box for installing GBM tooling. The 100-ton fast and 265-ton slow advance speeds with 100-tons of pull-back force give operators complete control over GBM accessories. The rotational torque operates in two ranges of force, 0-10,500-ft-lbs. and 0-26,000-ft-lbs. to match the tooling requirements. Each torque range offers two speed options with 35 and 50-rpms in the low torque and 23 and 35-rpms in the high torque settings. The GBM 48 series frames are able to install up to 48" (1,219 mm) OD pipe in 8' (2.4 m) lengths. Frames extensions for 10 and 20' (3,6 m) pipe lengths are available. The frame's 7.5" (191 mm) cylinders either have a 30" (762 mm) or 40" (1,016 mm) stroke, and latch on center every 12" (305 mm).
GBM Product Guide 48 Series System | GBM 48 Series Jacking Frame Spec Sheet


P100, P150, and P250D Power Packs
Akkerman offers the P100, P150, P250D and P275 power packs. They provide hydraulic power to operate the jacking frames and include the steering head and guidance kits and breakout tooling. Power Pack include hydraulic hoses and remote pendants for in-shaft operator control.

P100 Power Pack Spec Sheet | P150 Power Pack Spec Sheet | P250D Power Pack Spec Sheet

jet lub pump Jetting and Lubrication Combination Pump

The Jetting and Lubrication Pump arrangement allows customers to maintain optimum production rates in variable soil conditions in one compact, easily-transported unit. It features independent hydrostatic flow controls for premium user control in a variety of soil conditions. The tanks can be easily serviced at the open/close valve on the tank outlet. An in-tank agitator mixes the lubrication quickly and keeps it consistent throughout the production process.

Jetting and Lubrication Pump Spec Sheet

1325G Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump
The 325 gal (1,230 L) tank offers 2,000 psi (13,790 kPa) of pressure at 7 gpm (26.5L/min) of pump flow, providing enough fluid capacity for the average 400' (122m) bore. The tank can be filled with liquid-based polymers to supply lubrication to the pilot tube string or with water for pressure cleaning operations.
1325G Spec Sheet

The eliminator is used in place of the pilot tubes with the GBM system in non-displaceable geology. The 16" (406 mm) cutter head excavates non -displaceable soils at 17.5" (445 mm) OD. Contractors can use standard 16" (406 mm) 1 or 1.5 m casings with a hollow stem auger for target visibility.
Eliminator Spec Sheet


Powered Reaming Head -Series II (PRH)
PRHs were designed with versatility in mind. They allow the customer to install 14", 16", 20". (356, 406,508 mm) OD pipe with 11" (279 mm) casings and augers.
PRH Spec Sheet

Powered Cutter Heads

Powered Cutter Heads (PCH)
PCHs for the GBM systems are unique to Akkerman and are available in sizes 20-44" (508-1,118 mm) OD. They offer the customer more power to the cutter face and increase the bore size by reversing the augers and casing and pushing the spoils to the reception shaft. The PRH features independent drives for rotation and spoil removal.
PCH 20-28.5" Spec Sheet | PCH 36-44" Spec Sheet

Cutter Head with Integral Swivel
When using this unique upsizing tool, contractors have an option above and beyond the reaming head for difficult ground conditions. While versatile in many applications, contractors using the Cutter Head with Integral Swivel with an auger bore rig will especially realize its benefits.

Cutter Head with Integral Swivel Spec Sheet

GBM Guidance System
The Guidance System provides line and grade accuracy for the GBM system. An LED target is placed in the lead pilot tube's steering head. The theodolite's cross hairs are aligned to the drive's line and grade and the camera relays this data to the computer-controlled digital monitor. The monitor is mounted to the GBM jacking frame. The operator assesses the target's position from the monitor and makes line and grade adjustments as necessary. The Guidance System assembly consists of a theodolite with remote focus, illuminated LED target, camera, computer-controlled digital monitor, lateral slide and elevator column assemblies, counterweight, alignment holder, bore sight laser and protective cases.
Guidance System Spec Sheet

Notched Thrust Casings
The Notched Thrust Casing Assembly features symmetrical notched connections that are secured with a casing collar and common hardware, along with their capacity for extended wear and tear. They are available in 11" (279 mm) and 16" OD (406 mm). Standard Notch Thrust Casings are able to withstand up to 100-tons of jacking force and 50-tons of pullback force and the heavy duty (HD) models with bear up to 200-tons of jacking force and 100-tons of pull back force.
Notched Thrust Casing Assembly Spec Sheet

Pilot Tubes
Akkerman's exclusive dual-walled pilot tubes provide lubrication to the steering head through the 2.4" (61 mm) annual space while maintaining visibility of the illuminated target in the interior space for the length of the bore. Each assembly comes with 12, 30" (762 mm) pilot tubes, caps, plugs, rack and lifting bar and weighs 1,050 lbs. (476 kg).
Pilot Tubes and Rack Assembly Spec Sheet

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