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Microtunneling Systems
Akkerman’s Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBMs) install pipe in ground conditions that are generally below the water table. Microtunneling is referred to as non-manned, remote controlled, continuously supported pipe jacking. Applications most suitable for this method are gravity flow pipelines requiring precise line and grade in poor soil conditions. As the only US manufacturer of microtunneling equipment, our systems are a fusion of high productivity, dependability and accuracy in a wide range of soil conditions without the need for dewatering. Akkerman manufactures MTBMs for installation of pipe in the 30 -96" (762-2,438 mm) OD range.

Microtunneling Control Container
The Control Container is the control center for all microtunneling functions. It houses the control console, motor control centers for slurry pumps, MTBM drive motor and the bulkhead panel for electrical and communications connections. The Remote Control Container provides hydraulic power to the microtunneling jacking frame and for auxiliary functions.
Control Container Spec Sheet (Gen. 3)
Remote Hydraulic Control Container (Gen. 3)

Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM)

Our MTBMs can be equipped with the appropriate cutter face for soft ground, mixed ground and rock for precise ground excavation. The guidance system reports the MTBM’s pitch and yaw statistics to a monitor in the control console for operator assessment and anticipates the MTBM’s location at the cutter face. The MTBM’s articulated steering joint allows for active steering control. MTBMs are available in sizes 30" -96" (762-2,438 mm) OD with the addition of an increase kit.
MTBM Product Guide | MTBM SL30, 34, 36 Spec Sheet | MTBM SL44, 46, 52.5 Spec Sheet | MTBM SL60, 72, 74 Spec Sheet

Keyhole Jacking Frames

Keyhole Jacking Frames

Our family of keyhole jacking frames allows the customer to operate a high-capacity jacking frame out of a minimal launch shaft. Collectively, keyhole jacking frames will operate out of a 16-24' (4.87 – 7.3 m) shaft and feature 800-1,200 tons (726-1089 mt) of thrust capacity at 8,000 psi (550 bar) while advancing pipe with a maximum OD of 102" (2,591 mm).
MTBM Jacking Frame Product Guide

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