Case Study: Guided Auger Boring - Akkerman

Case Study: Guided Auger Boring

Akkerman Inc.

Case Study: Guided Auger Boring

Project Overview

Novant Health had plans in place to design an open cut sewer across the main emergency room entrance and tie into a 17′ deep manhole at the entrance of the hospital. After assessment, it was discovered the open cut would obstruct the emergency access once field layout was complete. Showalter Construction reached out to Fuller & Co. for assistance with a solution.

The Challenges

  • Custom tooling designs
  • Confined space entry
  • Constant traffic in and out of the hospital
  • Restricted reception shaft space

The Solution

After assessment, Fuller & Co. decided a receiving pit would be too disruptive and opted to receive the pilot and reamer in the receiving manhole.

In order to provide enough space for the carrier pipe, Michael Byrne Manufacturing created a custom 16″ reamer head and 10′ stiffener rod. It was designed to be disassembled with roll pins and hex in sections which allowed for easy removal from the 4′ diameter manhole.


The pilot tube was successfully shot through a 10″ x 10″ hole in the wall of the manhole allowing for the product casing and pilots to be disassembled on the receiving end.