March 2021 - Akkerman

March 2021

Akkerman Inc.

March 2021

Critical Rock Bore in Virginia

Aaron Enterprises, Inc. recently completed a line and grade critical rock bore in Virginia with an Akkerman TBM just in time for Christmas 2020.The Harrisonburg – Rockingham Regional Sewer Authority (HRRSA) is the governing body responsible for constructing, operating, and maintaining facilities and infrastructure that collect and treat wastewater in Virginia’s service area. HRRSA sought bids for the Blacks Run Interceptor Division IB Replacement, a capital improvement project for the construction of a 3,700-lf., 48-in. interceptor, abandoning existing interceptors and reestablishing several sewer service laterals.

Alex Whiteis Named Plant Manager

Alex Whiteis was promoted to Plant Manager at Akkerman. Whiteis transitioned into this role when Justin Akkerman moved to his role as President in mid-2020.

Whiteis came to Akkerman as a dual mechanic and field technician in July 2007, primarily in the microtunneling area, but also provided mechanical and field technician support for the GBM, MTBM, and EPBM equipment lines. He assembled and finished equipment to specification for ten years and spent many months traveling to customer projects throughout North America.

Project Highlights

CRS Tunnelling Inc. of Hannon, ON was the microtunneling contractor on the Streetsville Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Replacement, Contract 2, located in the City of Mississauga, Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada. CRS had their SL60C MTBM outfitted with a new disc cutter head to contend with the shale bedrock and interbedded layers of hard limestone present along the majority of the 853-lf. alignment. The image depicts the launch of the MTBM, at 26-ft. deep, in mid-April 2020. The microtunnel was completed on May 21 and went without a hitch.

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