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Microtunneling is a specialized form of trenchless construction with capabilities that offer owners, engineers, and contractors many benefits. For a trenchless method to be considered microtunneling, the installation process must adhere to four rules:

The trenchless industry has adopted two types of microtunneling; slurry and auger microtunneling. The primary differentiation between the two is positive face support and spoil excavation.

Slurry‐type or slurry microtunneling operators monitor mechanical face pressure to counterbalance earth and hydrostatic loads through slurry pressures in the MTBM crushing chamber. Auger‐type, or pilot tube microtunneling, maintains counterbalance through an earth plug, advance rate control, auger rotation speed, and soil conditioning. Both types are capable of installing a variety of jacking pipes through a wide variety of ground conditions.

Akkerman is the only North American manufacturer of pilot tube and slurry microtunneling equipment systems.

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