Guided Pipe Reaming

Guided Pipe Reaming

Guided Pipe Reaming is a trenchless method by which a pipeline is pulled into the ground after a pilot tube is installed on line and grade. This method is similar to Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), however instead on installing pilot rods from the surface and following a shallow arc that is suitable for pressure lines and electrical utilities, Guided Pipe Reaming is a pit launch application that installs pilot rods on line and grade without the requirement of oversized pullback reamers.


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Digging Deeper – January 2022

Microtunnel Support in a Digital World As essential infrastructure projects continue, an increased demand for highly skilled field service technicians challenge manufacturers to provide adequate training for new operators.  Installed as a standard option for new Akkerman microtunneling systems, MTBM Cloud Data allows for secure, real-time monitoring and permissioned control.  Akkerman’s MTBM Cloud Data software […]

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