Slurry Microtunneling

Slurry Microtunneling

Slurry microtunneling is an accurate trenchless pipe jacking method that provides continuous face support, transports material via a closed-loop slurry circuit, and is remotely operated from the surface. Innovations in slurry microtunneling technology have allowed for use in a wider range of ground conditions, longer drive lengths, and curved or complex alignments.


General Information:

As North America’s only slurry microtunneling equipment manufacturer, we have engineered our equipment to combat the harsh environments found in the part of the world with maximum versatility and industry-leading power levels.

How to Choose Your Submethod

Akkerman Submethods

Machine Diameter

30-114 inches

Akkerman Submethods

Ground Conditions

Soft, unstable, and wet soil conditions to hard rock

Akkerman Submethods

Drive Length

1,000-2,000 lf. +

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Shaft Size


Akkerman Submethods

Guidance System

Active Laser

Case Studies

Slurry Microtunneling Case Study – Face Access Periphery Drive MTBM

The $61.5 M Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk Extension Project required the extension of existing sewer service to the Village of Lockbourne, Northern Pickaway Joint Economic Development District and Rickenbacker International Airport.

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