FAQ - Akkerman


What information is necessary to select the right trenchless method?

Geotechnical Information

Proper geotechnical investigations are critical for project design, contractor analysis and bidding, and equipment selection.

Pipe Detail

Various trenchless methods may be restricted by diameter or product pipe type. While project design engineers focus on flow characteristics, equipment manufacturers also require to know outside diameter, jacking tonnage, and joint details.

Drive Length

Each method has different capabilities. Defining maximum drive lengths on a project mitigates risk and helps to define a feasible trenchless method.

Shaft Construction

Deep alignments can require complex engineered launch and reception shafts. Economics of shaft construction can play a role in trenchless method selection when ground conditions, pipe diameter, and drive length allow more than one process to be considered.

Does Akkerman rent equipment?

Yes. Akkerman has an extensive fleet of rental equipment available to qualified customers performing projects in the United States and Canada.

Can Akkerman provide equipment operators?

Akkerman has experienced technicians available for onsite operational training of your operators to ensure long term success.

What is the production rate of Akkerman equipment?

There are multiple factors that must be considered when estimating project schedules. Site constructions, crew size and experience, among others may vary dramatically.  Oftentimes subsurface conditions cannot be predicted with great accuracy. Utilizing experience trenchless contractors, referencing existing case studies of similar projects, and attending continual education seminars will assist with providing insight on production and lessons learned.

Where does the dirt go?

In trenchless, how the “dirt” is removed and where it goes is a very important aspect to a construction method. Each construction method cuts and transports excavated material in a specific manner. Refer to Trenchless Methods.

Can Akkerman help us prequalify for a trenchless project?

Akkerman will assist with your submittal process by providing manufacturer information required for your project. Akkerman can not provide technical resumes to be used to pre-qualify contractors for a particular project or method.

How do I schedule a technician to my jobsite?

Contact our Aftermarket Support Team at (507) 539-0017 to discuss the type of service or training that is required.

Can you customize equipment?

Yes. It is quite common to customize equipment to suit anticipated project conditions. We encourage multiple lines of communication with the contractor to ensure equipment, methodology, power levels, and functionality meets the expectation of the customer.

Are pilot tubes limited to displaceable ground conditions?

Not anymore! Innovations have expanded the capabilities of typical pilot tube installations while new developments are being tested to include extreme hard rock

What is the most economical trenchless method for utility installation?

The most economical trenchless method is one that ensures worker safety, minimizes risk, and maximizes profitability. The proper trenchless method should consider anticipated ground conditions, installation diameter, and drive lengths.