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Redefining Trenchless Solutions

Akkerman develops, manufactures and supports advanced underground construction equipment systems that accurately install pipe in an extensive range of ground conditions and project challenges.

Since 1973, our industry-leading equipment has enabled contractors worldwide to productively and cost-effectively install water, wastewater, and other infrastructure. We’ve been here since the industry was established and we continue to pave the road of innovation with our superior trenchless equipment. We back our equipment systems with a powerhouse of skilled sales, engineering, and technical professionals dedicated to superior reliability and responsive service. Our business operates with the highest level of integrity, and Akkerman employees have a personal investment in our customers’ success.

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Driven for Customer Success!

We built our reputation on delivering innovative equipment, personalized customer support, and a passion to help you create the light at the end of the tunnel. We take pride in your success. This is why our core customer base is repeat business since 1973.

Quality and Versatility that Lasts

Contractors choose Akkerman products for their durability and cost-effective means of installing accurate tunnels in rigorous conditions. While innovation and technology have advanced, many original machines still accurately bore today with factory upgrades and available support parts.

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You can be sure that every machine that wears our distinctive logo, blue stripe, and the American flag will be designed and built in the United States of America. Our state-of-the-art factory is always Customer Ready and equipped to handle all stages of your next equipment build.

Committed to Excellence

We are proud of our employee’s commitment to excellence. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to advancing trenchless technology, equipment reliability, and responsive service. From trenchless method consulting, custom engineering, or on-site technical assistance, our team will be there.

The Akkerman Legacy

Recent News

Digging Deeper – April 2024

How Far Can I Go? Written by: Troy Stokes It is no secret that trenchless technology has its fair share of risk, and regardless of where you fit into this industry, chances are a big part of your job is spent trying to manage and mitigate that risk. One of the most frequent questions that […]


Digging Deeper – March 2024

What about the IJS? Written by: Jon Valin Intermediate Jacking Stations Many are familiar with the Intermediate Jacking Station, also known as an IJS. As our industry grows and time passes many new to the trenchless industry may not be. With this said we often receive such questions asking what an IJS consists of, why […]


Digging Deeper – February 2024

Navigating Off-Course Written by: Robin Lorenzen We’ve all been there—the laser moved, the laser wasn’t set to the correct grade or alignment to properly launch, or ground conditions changed while tunneling. There are numerous circumstances that can occur where you find the machine is heading off course as a TBM operator. What do we do […]


Digging Deeper – January 2024

Inuvik Airport Civil Infrastructure & Runway Extension Design Engineer: The Tunneling Company – Kamloops, BCLocation: Inuvik, NWT – CanadaGround Conditions: Permafrost zone. Included frozen clays with fine to coarse sand and trace gravels that were well bonded with 5-10% visible ice by volume.Type of Installation: TBM PipejackingMaterial: 60-in. OD Steel CasingFootage Installation: 320-LF crossingEquipment: Akkerman […]


Akkerman Celebrates 50 Years of Trenchless Construction Excellence

Article from Utility Contractor® November/December 2023 Akkerman Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless construction equipment, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The company, a proud NUCA member since 1993, is headquartered in Brownsdale, Minnesota, and has been providing innovative solutions for underground infrastructure projects since 1973. To mark its 50th anniversary, Akkerman […]


Digging Deeper – December 2023

Mainline Segment & Railroad Crossing Design Engineer: J&J Boring, Inc.Location: Midland, TXGround Conditions: varying UCS caliche and limestone rockType of Installation: Tunnel Boring SystemMaterial: 48-in. OD Steel CasingFootage Installation: 550-lf. / 250-lf. (DCH used for 250)Equipment: Akkerman Tunnel Boring System with 5200 Pump Unit, 524 Haul Unit, TBM 48SCII, 50-in OD Disc Cutter Head, The […]


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