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Road, Rail, Runway Crossings

Road, Rail, Runway Crossings

Underground utilities have long shared the right‐of‐way with highways, railroads, and airports. While unseen by the public, trenchless construction provides safe installations with minimal disruption to the environment. Open‐cut installations not only disrupt the flow of traffic, but the trenching process also disturbs the subgrade, which can lead to settlement and or damage to the utility and surface structures. Trenchless technology is often the preferred method for installing transportation infrastructure to mitigate these risks and the social, environmental, and economic benefits they provide for the owner.

To find out more information on trenchless techniques suitable for crossing transportation infrastructure, please explore the following methods, or feel free to contact one of our experienced sales staff for additional information.

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Road, Rail, Runway Crossings Case Studies

Digging Deeper – July 2023

Airport Pipeline Project Design Engineer: Metro Horizontal BoringLocation: Atlanta, GeorgiaGround Conditions: Sandy Clays to Firm ClaysType of Installation: Guided Auger BoringMaterial: 20-in x 0.5-wall x 20-ft Steel CasingFootage Installation: 200-lf, 6-ft ground coverEquipment: Akkerman 240A GBM, P4075D Power Pack, Guidance System, Akkerman lube system, 20-in WORH Adapter Assisted by Akkerman’s Field Service Technician, Lamont Andrews, […]


Why you need a new TBM vs an old one?

If you are wondering, why do I need a new TBM vs an old one that I already own? One of the key benefits of owning an Akkerman TBM Series 2, is the interchangeable cutter heads feature that can rock up to 15,000 psi and the ability to tackle different ground conditions with the high […]


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