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Digging Deeper – July 2024

Financing Equipment In today’s market, it’s important for a business owner to maximize their potential with wise financial choices to achieve growth. For many businesses, this growth may depend on equipment – upgrading outdated machines, replacing failing equipment, or acquiring cutting-edge equipment to propel operations forward.  Equipment financing can be the best solution to support […]

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Digging Deeper – June 2024

Used Equipment – Akkerman SLS-100 Package Akkerman currently has a complete Model SLS-100 sliplining system available for purchase or rent at our facility in Brownsdale, MN.  The unit was previously used on a rental project installing 48in and 66in FRP under live flow conditions.  The equipment has been inspected and is in excellent condition.  Project […]

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Digging Deeper – May 2024

Akkerman 4800 Series GBM: Versatile & Powerful Written by: Chris Sivesind The Akkerman 4800 Series GBM offers contractors incredible versatility from installing pilot tubes to pilot tube microtunneling operations, and as an auger bore machine to install steel casings from 12in-36in.  On a recent project in Sumner, WA contractor Northwest Boring Co, Inc. (NWB) chose […]

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Special Report: Advancements in Microtunneling

Most major cities in North America have a microtunneling project ongoing, recently completed or about to begin. The trenchless installation process is omnipresent as system owners look to install critical underground infrastructure in already congested corridors. To check the pulse of the industry, we’ve assembled this Special Report: Advancements in Microtunneling. Thank you to our […]

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Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation 

Written by Jason Holden, Vice President, CRO of Akkerman When it comes to sewer rehabilitation, trenchless technologies have continued to develop and improve over the past 40 years.   While Cured-in-Place- Pipe (CIPP) continues to be applied with the greatest success for rehabilitation of small diameter sewers, new advances in sliplining technology benefit sewer district owners […]

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Digging Deeper – April 2024

How Far Can I Go? Written by: Troy Stokes It is no secret that trenchless technology has its fair share of risk, and regardless of where you fit into this industry, chances are a big part of your job is spent trying to manage and mitigate that risk. One of the most frequent questions that […]

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Digging Deeper – March 2024

What about the IJS? Written by: Jon Valin Intermediate Jacking Stations Many are familiar with the Intermediate Jacking Station, also known as an IJS. As our industry grows and time passes many new to the trenchless industry may not be. With this said we often receive such questions asking what an IJS consists of, why […]

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Digging Deeper – February 2024

Navigating Off-Course Written by: Robin Lorenzen We’ve all been there—the laser moved, the laser wasn’t set to the correct grade or alignment to properly launch, or ground conditions changed while tunneling. There are numerous circumstances that can occur where you find the machine is heading off course as a TBM operator. What do we do […]

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Digging Deeper – January 2024

Inuvik Airport Civil Infrastructure & Runway Extension Design Engineer: The Tunneling Company – Kamloops, BCLocation: Inuvik, NWT – CanadaGround Conditions: Permafrost zone. Included frozen clays with fine to coarse sand and trace gravels that were well bonded with 5-10% visible ice by volume.Type of Installation: TBM PipejackingMaterial: 60-in. OD Steel CasingFootage Installation: 320-LF crossingEquipment: Akkerman […]

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