Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer

Over 80% of households, schools, and businesses rely on water infrastructure installed with trenchless construction. By 2032, the demand for North America’s water and sewer infrastructure is expected to grow by over 25%, while existing underground networks installed outside of the modern era will fail at an even higher rate. Akkerman has worked with customers for nearly five decades to meet the equipment demands required for accurate line and grade sensitive water and sewer installations.

Benefits of Trenchless Construction

To find out more information on trenchless techniques suitable for the water and sewer industry, please explore the following methods, or feel free to contact one of our experienced sales staff for additional information.

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Pilot Tube Method Akkerman Inc. Auger Boring Akkerman Inc. Microtunneling Akkerman Inc. Pipe Jacking & Utility Tunneling Akkerman Inc. Rehabilitation Akkerman Inc.

Water & Sewer Case Studies

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GBM Case Study – Pilot Tube Microtunneling

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