Pilot Tube Microtunneling

Pilot Tube Microtunneling

Pilot Tube Microtunneling (PTMT) is a trenchless method to install new service lines and gravity flow sewer tunnels with pinpoint accuracy.  This method requires a multi-step sequence of accurately installing a pilot tube, followed by upsizing stages to the final product pipe diameter.

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:


How to Choose Your Submethod

Akkerman Submethods

Machine Diameter

4-48 Inches

Akkerman Submethods

Ground Conditions

N Values Less Than 50 Blow Count Per Foot

Akkerman Submethods

Drive Length

Up to 600 feet

Akkerman Submethods

Shaft Size

8, 10, 11, or 13 foot round or trench box length

Akkerman Submethods

Guidance System

Active Theodolite

Case Studies

GBM Case Study – Pilot Tube Microtunneling

The City of Novi, MI sought bids for an emergency repair of a 365-ft. section of sanitary sewer adjacent to a car dealership, at the intersection of Grand River and Meadowbrook Avenues.

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