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The SLS 50/100 is a pipe jacking system used for the rehabilitation of live sewer lines that are 30-102-in. in outside diameter to eliminate the need for sewage bypass pumping during installation. Prior to sliplining operations, the contractor is responsible for removing the top half of the existing pipe and clearing the tunnel of debris. The modular sliplining frame accommodates 10-20-ft. pipe lengths and various pipe diameters with the addition of spacers and extensions, features right and left side hydraulically driven and linked pipe elevators for careful lowering and positioning of pipe segments. Using a wireless remote controller with LCD screen, the operator controls sliplining main drive, bidirectional travel, brakes, speed control, elevators, pipe clamp, winch, lights, and e-stop functions. Thrust force is produced by two-speed dual (SLS 50) or quad motors (SLS 100), chain-driven planetary gearboxes advance the pipe axially into position and feature electrical speed sensors for consistent travel. The SLS 50/100 feature data logging capabilities through a web application.

Check out this Akkerman Sliplining System video on a project in Torrance, CA courtesy of Hobas.