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All Akkerman MTBMs can be factory configured with an increase kit to expand their excavation diameter and further your investment’s versatility. Sometimes called skinning or upsizing, the process involves bolting a custom‐manufactured, fitted steel cylinder onto the exterior of the MTBM to enhance the range of diameters where the machine can be utilized.

Please discuss your project needs with our knowledgeable sales staff to determine your MTBM’s increase kit’s diameter and capacity requirements.

  • Add versatility to existing MTBM products. 
  • Bolt-On or Weld-On type kits available. 
  • Typical upsize kits range from 8-12 inches over the base diameter of the MTBM. Custom kits are available upon request. 
  • Add additional belly-pan kits for additional versatility in hard ground. 
  • Change cutterhead type with an increase kit. 
  • Adjust Pipe and Thrust Adapters to accommodate jacking pipe.

MTBM Increase Kits

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We have been using Akkerman trenchless equipment for as long as we’ve been in the game. From TBMs to GBMs and related equipment, there is no other manufacturer in our opinion. The technology and equipment capabilities continue to advance. Akkermans after market
support always takes the time to assess and provide solutions to any challenges we’ve encountered.

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