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All Akkerman MTBMs can be factory configured with an increase kit to expand their excavation diameter and further your investment’s versatility. Sometimes called skinning or upsizing, the process involves bolting a custom‐manufactured, fitted steel cylinder onto the exterior of the MTBM to enhance the range of diameters where the machine can be utilized.

Please discuss your project needs with our knowledgeable sales staff to determine your MTBM’s increase kit’s diameter and capacity requirements.

MTBM Increase Kits

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The Tunneling Company USA, LLC

I have spent the majority of my career working in the trenchless construction industry. This has allowed me to work with Akkerman equipment and personnel, from field level all the way to my current General Manager role with The Tunneling Company USA, LLC. I have always found their equipment and their employees to be capable and up for the challenge. Whether it is working in the torturous climates or meeting urgent timelines, Akkerman can be relied on to help us achieve our goals.

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