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Akkerman dual-wall tube design allows trenchless contractors to install pilot tubes with pinpoint accuracy while reducing pressures necessary for longer installations. The annular space between the inner and outer tube is used for a conduit for lubricants or compressed air for rock hammer operation. The inner tube is treated for corrosion resistance and sealed for a clear site path to the target located directly behind the steering head.

Pilot tube accessory kits are included in every Akkerman GBM hydraulic power pack. These kits include items such as a steering head kit for multiple ground conditions, nitrogen purge kit for extended drive lengths, reception shaft hydraulic break-out tool, and many other items that are useful for successful installations.

Pilot tubes are sold in easy to manage racks containing 30-lf or 100-lf racks.

  • Compact design allows for maximum versatility and handling in tight working conditions.
  • Sealed dual-wall design allowing fluid/air delivery and guidance system navigation.
  • Robust triple start thread for easy and quick engagement.
  • Versatile design allows pilot tubes to be used with all Pilot Tube Methods regardless of GBM jacking frame.
  • Adapters available for non-displaceable ground and rock conditions.
  • Includes caps, plugs, steel racking, and lifting provisions with all rack assemblies.
  • Akkerman offers conversion kits for other competitor GBM frames.

Horizontal Pilot Tube Rack
Steering Head Kit

ModelDiameter / LengthThrust / PullMax Int. Torque / Weight
Pilot Tube4.1 in. / 30 in.100 ton / 50 ton12,000 ft-lbs. / 75 lbs.
100 ft Rack40 tubes / ea.Horizontal Rack3,300 lbs. per Rack
30 ft Rack12 tubes / ea.Vertical Rack1,050 lbs. per Rack
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Mextune / Group S de RL de CV

In recent years we have acquired different spare parts for our Akkerman brand TBMs, which have allowed us to have the equipment ready. We have used our tunnel boring machines in 2 emergency projects recently:

  • Completion of the construction of the El Valle Collector, with reinforced concrete pipe of 2.13 meters inside diameter for the municipality of Tlajomullo de Zuniga Jalisco.
  • Construction of the Jamapa Collector in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos (New construction). With 1.22m RCP pipe.

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