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Akkerman manufactures project‐specific shaft seals and pipe clamps to complement our MTBM system on projects presenting high‐water head.

Shaft Seals contain a hydraulically adjustable pipe brake to control the pushback movement of the pipe string. Redundant rubber seals are efficiently spaced around the shaft seal to deter inflow into the shaft. Shaft seals are positioned on the entrance and exit shaft walls at project line and grade.

A Pipe Clamp, sometimes called a pipe brake, is used to contend with buoyant forces when installing an MTBM within a water body or on any projects with high water pressures. The pipe clamp’s adjustable chocker plates ensure that the Shaft Seal rubber does not invert with a high axial holding capacity.

MTBM Shaft Seals and Pipe Clamps are custom‐fabricated to match the outside diameter of the project pipe. Contact our knowledgeable sales team for more information on these products.

  • Prevents flow of groundwater into the jacking shaft. 
  • Seals annulus between jacking pipe and ground to allow bentonite slurry to adequately reduce jacking loads. 
  • Prevents inadvertent returns through loses slurry pressure. 
  • The pipe clamp maintains positive force on pipe string to counteract both earth and hydrostatic loads on MTBM system. 
  • Shaft seals and pipe clams are designed to meet project requirements. 
  • High waterhead designs available. 
  • Designs include entrance seals, exit seals, and pipe clamps.

Shaft Seals & Pipe Clamps

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Mextune / Group S de RL de CV

In recent years we have acquired different spare parts for our Akkerman brand TBMs, which have allowed us to have the equipment ready. We have used our tunnel boring machines in 2 emergency projects recently:

  • Completion of the construction of the El Valle Collector, with reinforced concrete pipe of 2.13 meters inside diameter for the municipality of Tlajomullo de Zuniga Jalisco.
  • Construction of the Jamapa Collector in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos (New construction). With 1.22m RCP pipe.

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