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For over two decades, Akkerman has revolutionized the pilot tube guidance system technology. Current capabilities have far surpassed industry expectations just a few short years ago with innovative procedures and technology that have allowed installations exceeding 600-lf with pinpoint accuracy.

Using a theodolite with advanced remote-controlled optics set to the desired line and grade, the GBM operator visually tracks the position of the steering head of the pilot tube in real-time. The rugged monitor and controls are purpose-built specifically for pilot tube installation to avoid any contact with the theodolite once set-up.

For contractors that require electronic data logging throughout the alignment, an optional data logging package can be installed on your GBM system to record navigation metrics as well as machine parameters along the alignment.

  • Optional: Pilot Tube data logging technology. Capture parameters of installation every 5s.
  • Optional: Smart Target Technology allows the GBM operator to change display settings of the LED target, set sleep mode to preserve battery life during shut-down periods, and indicates high temp warning without pulling back pilot tubes for adjustment.
  • Standard LED targets use replaceable batteries with estimated battery life measured in weeks.
  • Akkerman GBM guidance systems can be customized to fit on other pilot tube manufacturer’s equipment.
  • Guidance systems are adaptable and can be used on any Akkerman GBM system.

GBM Guidance System

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The most important lesson I have learned throughout my 30-year career in the trenchless field is the value of a true partner. Akkerman’s team approach and care for their customers make them the perfect business partner. They are always looking out for our best interest and are committed to the success of every project!

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