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Akkerman Microtunneling Control Containers (MCC) are designed to power the widest range of MTBM diameters on the market along with advanced technology to accommodate complex alignments and remote monitoring.

The MCC is the control room for all on-site MTBM operations. The MTBM operator monitors and controls all aspects of the tunnelling operations through a multi-monitor display using Akkerman proprietary software and data logging system. An external remote display of the on-screen operations is provided for operator privacy, while secure remote monitoring and data logging can be provided through Akkerman’s secured communication network.

  • Powerful VFD drive capacity capable of controlling all SLC MTBM and SLP MTBMs with external power pack container.
  • Simplified operator’s console with programmable warning indication and alarms.
  • A/I feature such as automatic slurry valve sequencing and guidance system programming.
  • Operator control and monitoring of all MTBM functions, Thrust Frame, Slurry Flows, Slurry Sequencing, Monitoring, IJS, Bentonite Injection, High Pressure Jetting, and more
Microtunnel Control Container Features:
  • Operate up to 250hp (187kW) Center Drive MTBMs.  SL30C-SL74C models.
  • Operate up to four (4) – 100hp (75kw) slurry pumps.  Three pumps controlled by VFD and one as on/off control.
  • Audio & Video Communication with MTBM & Jobsite.
  • Climate-controlled cabin with 120v power outlets and dimmable lighting.
  • Constructed in rugged ISO container for transport and jobsite security.
Remote Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Remote controlled by MTBM Operator (MCC).  Remote pendent control optional.
  • Provides hydraulic power to pipe jacking thrust frame and intermediate jacking functions.
  • Electric drive for maximum efficiency and emission reduction.
  • Constructed in rugged Bi-Con ISO container for easy transport and jobsite security.
SLP Main Drive Power Container
  • Works in conjunction with Akkerman MCC to provide 4160V tunnel power to SLP Model MTBM power packs.
  • Build with soft start control and microprocessor-based protection to create efficient start up loads.
  • Fully remote controlled by MTBM Operator located in primary MCC.
  • Fully climate controlled for heat dissipation in severe environments.
  • Constructed in rugged ISO container for transport and jobsite security

Control Container
Remote Hydraulic Power Pack
Main Drive Power Container

ModelWeight /
L x W x H
Main DisconnectCapacity
MCC11,000 lbs /
20 x 8 x 9.5 ft
480v, 60hz, 3ph
(1) – 250 hp VFD
(3) – 100 hp VFD
Hyd. Power9,500 lbs /
10 x 8 x 8.5 ft
480v, 60hz, 3ph
0-13 gpm /
8,000 psi
Main Drive Power12,500 lbs /
20 x 8 x 8.5 ft
480v, 60hz, 3ph
400 hp
4160V, 60hz, 3ph
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I have been working in the underground construction for the past 40 years. In the last 25 years I’ve been involved with all kinds of tunneling operations. Hand mine tunnels using jacking equipment, wood box tunnels dug by hand. But my favorite type of tunneling is MTBM’s. I have been working with and around Akkerman tunnel machines from 120” wheeled machines all the way down to the 48” SC tunnel machine. We’ve done successful runs in ranges from 200’ to 800’ with no problems. In all my years of tunneling we have never had a failure of equipment to cause us any down time. When we have had issues with mechanical parts or service needed Akkerman can usually get you the parts pretty quickly and technicians can get on a plane and help you out also. The team at Akkerman is always ready to answer any questions or problems you may have. They can help you decide on what equipment might work best for your particular job needs. I’ve also been involved with the GBM equipment we have run 32” PCH installing 30” Hobas pipe and also 44” PCH installing 42” Hobas pipe. We have had great success with GBM runs up to 500’ in length. Our last purchase was a new 5200 series jacking frame and 60” series 2 MTBM. We chose Akkerman for this equipment for our past experience and the fact they are made in the USA and can service us quickly. It truly has been great working with Akkerman.

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