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The Akkerman SLS‐100 sliplining system allows easier, cleaner, faster, cheaper, and safer rehabilitation of 30‐102‐inches OD live sewers, the sliplining system aids to prolong the lifespan of failing infrastructure and eliminate the need for bypass pumping.

The modular sliplining frame can accommodate up to 20‐foot pipe joints for installation in either direction and features a retention winch and pipe clamp to assist with positioning and counterbalance flow force during installation.

Using a wireless remote controller with LCD screen, the operator controls the main drive, bidirectional travel, brakes, speed control, frame elevators, pipe clamp, winch, E‐Stop, and lighting. Two‐speed dual or quad motors and chain driven planetary gearboxes generate thrust force to advance pipe into position assisted by speed sensors for synchronized travel. Sliplining operations are powered by an Electric or Diesel Power Pack with three variable displacement pumps.

Our innovative SLS 100 system contains a standard or extended modular jacking frame.

To complete the Akkerman sliplining system, we offer custom manufactured provers, mandrels, pipe shield/savers for specific pipe internal diameters.

  • Modular jacking frame can accommodate 30‐102‐in. OD pipe up to 20‐ft. in length using pipe spacers and frame extensions
  • Two‐speed quad drive motors generate thrust force, and chain‐driven planetary gearboxes advance the pipe axially into position using a thrust ring
  • Pipe elevators can lift to 20,000 lbs. and travel 12.5‐ft./min.
  • The Modular Jacking Frame features electrical speed sensors for consistent travel
  • The pipe is installed in either direction from one access pit
  • Live remote access of data, data logs, graphs, and system documentation are transmitted via the modem with a cellular data network connection

SLS 100 Quad Drive
SLS 100 Electric Power Pack
SLS 100 Diesel Power Pack


SLS 100 Frames

Main Thrust DriveWeight

Power Packs

200/215 – Tier IV HP (148/160 kW)10,000‐lbs.
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Lithos Engineering is focused on providing tunnel design and construction management for underground construction projects across the United States and has worked with many different tunnel contractors on projects of varying sizes and complexity. I am always happy
to see Akkerman equipment on our project sites and I know we can rely on Akkerman products for a high level of performance and reliability.

I had the pleasure of working with Akkerman on one of our projects for which they designed and constructed a project specific hard rock TBM for a curved water conveyance tunnel high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Akkerman not only provided great solutions and technical support for the project but was a pleasure to work with in a collaborative teaming environment that allowed us to not only reduce project risks but reduce construction costs and schedule. During that project, I visited the Akkerman production facility to inspect the TBM under construction; I was extremely impressed with the Akkerman management, staff, and systems for quality control. I look forward to a long future of working with Akkerman and their products on our tunneling projects.

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