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If you are in the trenchless industry, you are sure to be familiar with the legacy that Akkerman TBMs have created. While this time-tested and proven technology has been successfully installing thousands of tunnels around the world, we have been busy advancing the technology to maximize performance, expand capabilities, and increase versatility.

  • TBMs can be used in pipe jacking or two-pass tunneling operation mode.
  • Easy to operate. On-board manual control operation.
  • Accurate and Reliable. Tunnel laser guidance with three-point sealed articulation.
  • Interchangeable cutterhead. Standard cutter head is interchangeable underground if ground conditions change.
  • Closed Face attachments and screw augers available for raveling ground.
  • Disc Cutter Heads Available for rock up to 15,000 psi
  • On-board methane gas detection system.
  • Access to the face is readily available for obstruction removal.
  • High capacity TBM bearing with powerful two-speed hydraulic drive system.
  • Optional Earth Pressure Balance Mode to 1 bar. 
  • Increase kits are available for all TBM models. Akkerman will adjust diameters to match product pipe.

Tunnel Boring System

ModelTorque MaxTBM OD (Nominal)Mode
WM48SC50,000 ft-lbf48 inOpen / Closed Face
WM420D53,000 ft-lbf51-52.5 inOpen / Closed Face
WM480D/II96,000 ft-lbf58-60 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM540II111,000 ft-lbf65-66.5 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM600II128,000 ft-lbf72-74 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM720II240,000 ft-lbf86-88 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM840II440,000 ft-lbf96-98 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM960II550,000 ft-lbf114-116 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
  • Increase kits are available.
  • EPB Mode requires optional bulkhead kit.

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Our interaction with Akkerman began on a project where we were struggling with their competition’s machine. Changing machines during a project to their machine required a leap of faith on our part. That project completed 20 years ago turned out to be successful and propelled us into 20 years of completing scores of successful micro tunnel projects throughout North America. Providing many innovations throughout this time has allowed us to mine many geology types and increase drive distances with curves to over 2500 lf. I can attest 30 years ago, technology did not exist that today allows us to complete projects efficiently and at a lower cost. Their leadership in providing technically superior AMERICAN made equipment is second to none in the world today.

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