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If you are in the trenchless industry, you are sure to be familiar with the legacy that Akkerman TBMs have created. While this time-tested and proven technology has been successfully installing thousands of tunnels around the world, we have been busy advancing the technology to maximize performance, expand capabilities, and increase versatility.

  • TBMs can be used in pipe jacking or two-pass tunneling operation mode.
  • Easy to operate. On-board manual control operation.
  • Accurate and Reliable. Tunnel laser guidance with three-point sealed articulation.
  • Interchangeable cutterhead. Standard cutter head is interchangeable underground if ground conditions change.
  • Closed Face attachments and screw augers available for raveling ground.
  • Disc Cutter Heads Available for rock up to 15,000 psi
  • On-board methane gas detection system.
  • Access to the face is readily available for obstruction removal.
  • High capacity TBM bearing with powerful two-speed hydraulic drive system.
  • Optional Earth Pressure Balance Mode to 1 bar. 
  • Increase kits are available for all TBM models. Akkerman will adjust diameters to match product pipe.

Tunnel Boring System

ModelTorque MaxTBM OD (Nominal)Mode
WM48SC50,000 ft-lbf48 inOpen / Closed Face
WM420D53,000 ft-lbf51-52.5 inOpen / Closed Face
WM480D/II96,000 ft-lbf58-60 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM540II111,000 ft-lbf65-66.5 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM600II128,000 ft-lbf72-74 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM720II240,000 ft-lbf86-88 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM840II440,000 ft-lbf96-98 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
WM960II550,000 ft-lbf114-116 inOpen / EPB / Closed Face
  • Increase kits are available.
  • EPB Mode requires optional bulkhead kit.

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Akkerman’s equipment is top of the line and their service is second to none. Even working with their equipment in a different country, during a pandemic, their service and support helped get us through some challenging spots with some creative solutions.

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