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The SC‐115 High‐Pressure Jetting Pump provides high velocity jetting through jetting lines in the tunnel. The jetting travels to the cutter face to break down clay and silty spoil, clean the crushing chamber, and clean the cutter face for efficient spoil intake and flow in the slurry lines.

The Water Cooling Tank provides ample supply to cool the MTBM drive and booster pump motors and flushes seals for optimal system operation. The cool water flow also assists with temperature reduction in the tunnel, contributing to guidance system laser clarity. Water from the Water Cooling Tank, through a jacking frame valve, hoses in the tunnel and concludes the MTBM motor. The Water Cooling Tank assembly includes an electric variable speed, variable output, smart tank sensor, and digital readout of output flow.

SC-115 High Pressure Jetting Pump Features:
  • Provides high pressure jetting water to the MTBM cutter face to break down clay and silty spoil, clean the crushing chamber and assist with spoil intake
  • Durable and one‐piece cast iron frame
  • Pump pressure relief valve
  • Manual flow bypass valve to reduce outlet flow
  • Suction inlet to connect to water cooling tank
Water Cooling Tank:
  • Smart tank sensor for automatic fill feature
  • Large capacity to assist in cooling the MTBM main drive motor, booster pump and flushing of seals
  • Universal to all Akkerman MTBM systems

SC‐115 High Pressure Jetting Pump
Water Cooling Tank


High Pressure Jetting Pump

ModelDimensions (L x W x H)WeightMain Pump / Motor
SC-11536.25 x 37.75 x 14.75‐in.1,240 lbs.Max. Input Speed 75 HP

Water Cooling Tank

Dimensions (L x W x H)WeightCapacityMain Pump / Motor
16.84 in. x 5.9 x 6.7‐ft.3,500 lbs.1,685 gal.7.5 HP @ 1,200 rpm
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Akkerman gives us the small company feel by paying attention to details and being there to solve problems, but at the same time backs us like a large company with quick response and resources to complete the job. That is why we use Akkerman, not only for their industry leading equipment, but their industry leading support.

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