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GBM Power Packs provide hydraulic power and feature a diesel engine or electric motor to operate GBM jacking frames and tooling. Power packs include hydraulic hose reels that connect to GBM jacking frames, a remote pendant for in‐shaft operator control and all the standard tooling for pilot tube installations. The extendable power unit assembly contains the engine or motor, hydraulic hose reels with quick coupler connections, variable volume piston pumps, fluid reservoirs, and pressure gauges. Doors at both ends allow for operator walk‐through access to the wall‐mounted tooling storage rack.

Akkerman Power Packs are provided with standard tooling for pilot tube installation, including the pilot tube breakout tool with hydraulic power pack, pilot tube scraper, a pilot tube to reaming head adapter, a steering head kit, pilot tube frame support bars, pilot tube wrench set, nitrogen purging kit, and launch shaft breakout tool.

The P4075D Power Pack provides hydraulic power and features a Tier IV diesel engine to operate GBM jacking frames and tooling.

The P100E and P200E Power Packs provide contractors with an alternative to address regional requirements of the EPA’s mandate for Tier 4 diesel emission standards. They are equipped with all the same favored amenities with added benefits of a low decibel noise level, simplified controls, and reduced maintenance.

  • Rugged design for mobile hydraulic power on construction jobsites.
  • Secured and weather resistant containers.
  • Diesel or Electric options available.
  • Multiple hydraulic pump options for independent control of all functions for efficient and powerful operation.
  • Hydraulic hose reels with quick connects.
  • Remote operator pendant for engine in-shaft engine control with key switch.
  • Emergency Stop.

P4075D Power Pack
P100E Power Pack
P200E Power Pack


Hydraulic Power Packs

P4075D75hp DieselVariable Piston
2- Pumps / 5000 psi
P100E100hp ElectricVariable Piston
2- Pumps / 5000 psi
P200E200hp ElectricVariable Piston
3- Pumps / 5000 psi

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