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The 4800 Series GBM system is designed as an all-in-one system excelling in all pilot tube installation methods including auger boring, pilot tube microtunneling, and rock boring.

  • No diesel emissions in working shaft.
  • Direct install final product pipe or casing bore with one system.
  • Minimize launch shaft requirements.
  • Configurable latching style base frames to accommodate long pipe joints.
  • Two-speed hydraulics and gearbox travel system expedite pilot tube installation.
  • Hi-flow hydraulic valving with PCH controls standard.
  • Works with all existing Akkerman Dual Wall Pilot Tubes.
  • Installs pilot tubes in a wide range of ground conditions including rock.

GBM 4800 Jacking Frame

ModelTorqueThrust/PullbackPipe OD
GBM 480026,000 ft-lbs.265 ton / 130 ton48-in
w/HTCA88,000 ft-lbs.265 ton / 130 ton48-in

Power Pack Options

P200E200hp Electric(3) – Variable PistonRemote Pendent

Lube Pump Options

2325B/D30hp Diesel6 & 10 gpm / 2,500 psi(2) – 325 gal.
2325B/E30hp Electric6 & 10 gpm / 2,500 psi(2) – 325 gal.
1525B/D20hp Diesel10 gpm / 2,500 psi525 gal.
1525B/E20hp Electric10 gpm / 2,500 psi525 gal.
1325B/G14hp Gas6 gpm / 2,500 psi325 gal.

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I have used TBM equipment since 1996 for the installing pipes from 1.22 m to 2.44 m of internal diameter, they are very efficient in clays and silts with a high content of humidity.

I have also used GBM systems for driving smaller diameters in soils soft from the Valley of Mexico and are suitable for these conditions.

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