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Akkerman 5200 Series Pump Units are one of the most important tools a contractor can have in their trenchless toolbox. This versatile system provides hydraulic power to the tunnel boring machine while simultaneously advancing the pipe string in one unit.

The 5200 pump unit mounts on Akkerman’s robust 5000 series skid that is extendable for any pipe length and is paired with a thrust yoke to match the pipe diameter of the installation. The thrust yoke transfers the thrust from the hydraulic cylinders inside the 5200 pump unit while providing a service bay to accommodate spoil removal.

  • 5200 Series Pump Unit is designed to work with all Akkerman pipe jacking TBM diameters.
  • Powerful boring head hydraulic feed supply with multiple flow and pressure settings to accommodate Akkerman Series I and Series II TBM systems.
  • Simple operator controls for boring head supply, jacking system, intermediate jacking system, and auxiliary functions.
  • Multiple hydraulic flow modes including 30/60/90/120gpm.  Optional 200hp upgrade for large diameter TBM requirements.
  • Advanced hydraulic oil filtration, hydraulic oil cooling, system monitoring, and operator features.
  • Great for hand mining operations, slip jacking, final pipe installations, stand-alone hydraulic power pack requirements, or with other pipe jacking methods such as guided boring and microtunneling.

5200 Pump Unit
5200 Series Skid
5200 Series Yoke


5200 Pump Unit

ModelPipe ODThrustWeight
5200 PU36-168 in400 ton17,200 lbs.
+200hp PP72-168 in
  • Increases Boring Head Power

5200 Series Skid Base Options

ModelPipe ODLengthWeight
SK-22.536-168 in22.5 ft12,600 lbs
SK-7.536-168 in7.5 ft4,500 lbs
SK-2.536-168 in7.5 ft1,500 lbs

5200 Series Thrust Yoke Options

ModelNom. PipeOD RangeWeight
36036 in. RCP44-51 in3,150 lbs
42042 in. RCP51-58 in3,250 lbs
48048 in. RCP58-65 in3,350 lbs
54054 in. RCP65-72 in3,500 lbs
60060 in. RCP72-86 in3,700 lbs
66066 in. RCP78-86 in3,750 lbs
72072 in. RCP86-96 in5,000 lbs
84084 in. RCP96-120 in6,500 lbs
96096 in. RCP114-128 in8,500 lbs
  • Weights and Ranges may vary based on project detail.
  • Yokes can be customized to fit most jacking pipe.

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We have been using Akkerman trenchless equipment for as long as we’ve been in the game. From TBMs to GBMs and related equipment, there is no other manufacturer in our opinion. The technology and equipment capabilities continue to advance. Akkermans after market
support always takes the time to assess and provide solutions to any challenges we’ve encountered.

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