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The Rock Boring Unit (RBU) makes it possible to use any manufacturer’s auger boring equipment to install a range of common diameter steel casing pipe in high compressive geology. The RBU features 6.5‐in. disc cutters, muck scrapers, a high capacity main bearing, and water‐jetting to advance pipe through rigorous ground conditions. The RBU performs well in rock and varying challenging ground conditions.

Water‐jetting actively cools the cutter head tooling and bearing assembly resulting in extended performance, reduced wear, and lower operating costs.

  • Use any auger boring machine to install 24‐48‐in. steel casing
  • Robust design with high capacity thrust load disc cutters to fracture rock into cuttings aggressively
  • Cutter head rock scrapers assist in transferring cuttings away from the face to the inlet cavity, to the lead auger for removal
  • Fluid connection ports for cooling the bearing assembly for longer life and cleaning the disc cutters in clay/silt ground conditions
  • RBUs are inventoried and available for global sales with rental options in North America

RBU 24
RBU 30
RBU 36
RBU 42
RBU 48

ModelCasing DiamterThrust /
RBU 2424 in25 ton /
2,200 lbs
RBU 3030 in25 ton /
2,800 lbs
RBU 3636 in34 ton /
4,000 lbs
RBU 4242 in45 ton /
4,700 lbs
RBU 4848 in50 ton /
5,500 lbs
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The Akkerman team are great people to work with. Our industry has relied on them for over 20 years to help review projects, specifications and geotechnical reports. They are the number 1 innovator, provider, “and educator” of guided trenchless method solutions for the installation of new pipelines.

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