April 2019 - Akkerman

April 2019

Akkerman Inc.

April 2019

Celebrating Our Journey – Akktoberfest Recap

We consider ourselves fortunate to have cause to celebrate three significant company milestones within the last eight months.

First, in September, we hosted over 100 customers and industry professionals at our manufacturing facilities in Brownsdale. The three-day event series featured educational sessions, equipment training, demonstrations and factory tours in celebration of our 45th anniversary.

The equipment demonstrations included several guided boring systems, the newest GBM Guidance System with data logging capabilities, our SLS 50/100 sliplining system, a peripheral drive SL86P microtunnel boring machine, microtunneling control containers, Akkerman Bentonite Injection System, AZ100 Total Guidance System, and complete Tunnel Boring System with a TBM 540.

The GBM, MTBM and TBM Hands-On Equipment Training sessions were led by Akkerman’s field technicians around the various equipment displays.

Akkerman Becomes Certified to ISO 9001:2015

Next, after several years of employee dedication and guidance from a manufacturer’s consulting group, we are proud to report that we are officially certified to ISO 9001:2015!

Akkerman Inc. attained the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management system at its sole manufacturing facility in Brownsdale, MN.

Following an independent audit conducted by SAI Global, the certificate was issued on January 18, 2019.

The scope of the certification applies to the design, manufacture, sales, and services of on line and on grade tunneling and pipe jacking products for the underground sewer, water, gas, and electrical utilities industries.

Maynard Inducted to the Class of 2019 NASTT Hall of Fame

And last but certainly not least, we were able to share in congratulations along with our industry colleagues as Maynard Akkerman was inducted into the NASTT’s Hall of Fame at the No-Dig Show 2019 in Chicago, IL on March 19.

Throughout his career, Maynard has cultivated many relationships in the tunneling industry and has been an active promoter of trenchless methodologies. His career exemplifies his dedication to advocacy of the principals of the NASTT’s mission.

During his speech, Maynard stated, “In 1975, my father entered our company into its first tradeshow, Con-Expo, which was ironically held here in Chicago. This was the beginning of many tradeshows to come. While these tradeshows that we attended were beneficial, they lacked the educational component that was needed. Most people did not know what trenchless was, and we were often viewed as a curiosity rather than a tried and true technology.”

Project Highlights

Click below to learn more about a variety of recent projects which were successfully completed using Akkerman equipment.

Introducing the SLS 50/100 Sliplining System

In the fall of 2018, we introduced our enhanced SLS 50/100 Sliplining System. Used for the rehabilitation of 30-102-inches OD live sewers, the sliplining system aids to prolong the lifespan of failing infrastructure and eliminate the need for bypass pumping.

The modular sliplining frame can accommodate up to 20-foot pipe joints for installation in either direction and features a retention winch and pipe clamp to assist with positioning and counterbalance flow force during installation.

Using a wireless remote controller with LCD screen, the operator controls the main drive, bidirectional travel, brakes, speed control, frame elevators, pipe clamp, winch, E-Stop, and lighting. Two-speed dual or quad motors and chain driven planetary gearboxes generate thrust force to advance pipe into position assisted by speed sensors for synchronized travel. Sliplining operations are powered by a 200 HP Electric or Diesel Power Pack with three variable displacement pumps.

Method of Operation Guides

Our all-new Microtunneling Method Statement document is the perfect tool to explain microtunneling installation methods and procedures. This handy guide has been updated to include larger diameter, peripheral drive MTBMs as well as our original center drive systems, the AZ100 Tunnel Guidance System for extended length straight and curved alignments, and an automated bentonite injection system overview.

The Microtunneling Method Statement is available for download here.

Check out the other two method of operation guides in the series >> Guided Auger Boring Method of Operation
Pipe jacking & Tunneling Method of Operation

The Rat is Out of the Bag

Anyone who knows anything about the trenchless industry has heard of the infamous Morty, a.k.a. Mortimer the Sewer Rat. Morty’s spent the last year with our friends at BTrenchless and between now and No-Dig 2020 he’ll be sharing his time at Akkerman assisting with manufacturing and BTrenchless’s construction crews.

To say that Morty’s a seasoned trenchless aficionado would be an understatement. This year marks his 12th NASTT member tour. During this time he’s traveled all over the US and abroad.

Morty hails from Reno, NV and first surfaced during the 2007 Third Annual Western Society for Trenchless Technology No-Dig Annual Conference.

Tradeshows and Events

The CATT 2019 Trenchless Technology Road Show takes place May 6-8, 2019 in Richmond/Vancouver, BC. We’ll provide attendees with information on microtunneling and the AZ100 TGS navigation system and will also be available in Booth #110 for discussion.

Next we’ll be returning to Chicago, IL to exhibit at RETC 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago June 16-19, 2019.

This October 1-3, 2019 it’s time for us to return to the biennial ICUEE 2019 in Louisville, KY. See what we have to offer in outdoor booth space #K105!

We’re looking forward to the first No-Dig North on October 28-30, 2019. Visit us in Booth #200 and attend our microtunneling project case study!


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