April 2020 - Akkerman

April 2020

Akkerman Inc.

April 2020

Complex Improvements Close to Home

Rochester Minnesota is experiencing a significant economic development initiative to position itself as a global destination for health and wellness. The $5 billion Destination Medical Center (DMC) initiative began in 2014 and is being implemented over the next 20 years. With the growth comes a myriad of need for infrastructure expansion and capacity increases. One of the critical pieces of a DMC project was a 393-lf., 36-in. ID tunnel that ran under the Zumbro River, and was completed by prime contractor Lametti & Sons, Inc. of Hugo, MN.

Extreme Grade Basement Utility Connections in Toronto

Since the early 2000s, Enwave Energy has installed over 3.5 miles of 10-12-ft. tunnels to provide sustainable, low carbon energy services to Downtown Toronto. One of Enwave’s current projects aims to extend the tunnels to connect the East Bayfront mixed-use waterfront community. The 11.5-acre property is home to a new 25-story, 763,000 square-foot tower named Sugar Wharf, where the bottom third of the building accommodates the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) corporate headquarters.

In late 2019, Earth Boring Co. Limited (EBCL) was approached by C&M McNally Tunnel Constructors about the feasibility of drilling four, 18-inch ID tunnels to connect heating and cooling services in the basement of the new building. EBCL’s resulting ingenuity to tackle the project illustrates the range of versatility for the pilot tube guided boring equipment line.

Third Generation Akkerman Takes The Reins

We’re pleased to announce the promotion of Justin Akkerman to President. Justin’s official appointment as the third-generation President began on April 6, 2020. Current second-generation President, Maynard Akkerman will continue as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Justin has always been immersed in the family business and has traveled to many project sites and trade shows with his father in his childhood and adult life. After college, Justin’s formal career began with CNA Consulting Engineers of Minneapolis, MN, as a staff engineer, project designer, and on-site field engineer for underground tunneling, and rehabilitation utility construction projects in the Twin Cities.

Project Highlights

Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc. (F/K) completed a 102-in. ID tunnel, 60-ft. below the Los Angeles River in Burbank, CA on the LA Department of Water & Power’s River Supply Conduit Reach 7 project. The tunnel will house a pipeline to transport potable water in Central Los Angeles. In the next few weeks, the SL82P MTBM will return to Akkerman for refurbishment and receive a new cutter head in preparation for another LA DWP project.

2020 Trade Shows & Conferences

2020 Trade Shows & Conferences


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