Digging Deeper - April 2022 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – April 2022

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Digging Deeper – April 2022

A Deep Lake Tap Supplies Water To Enid, OK

With continued urban expansion and recent droughts, the City of Enid, OK embarked on a major infrastructure project to ensure clean, safe water to their nearly 50,000 residents.  To reduce the demand on the region’s aquifers by 35%, as well as removing the lead-sealed joints from the existing 7.5 miles of cast iron water pipe, the City of Enid required a 70-mile raw water conveyance pipeline from Kaw Lake, OK and a new 10.5 MGD water treatment plant near the city.

To feed the new 70-mile raw water pipeline, Super Excavators Inc. (SEI) of Menomonee Falls, WI was contracted to perform a deep lake tap through hard rock before the waterline could be in operation.  With a launch shaft at a depth of 100-ft below grade and ending in the lake, the project required a launch portal (pit seal) designed for high hydrostatic pressures.  Akkerman designed and manufactured a launch portal seal and pipe brake system for SEI that eliminated the risk of seal inversion and pipe movement due to high hydrostatic head pressure.  The launch portal seal also allowed SEI to pump environmentally friendly lube from the launch shaft or pump grout if a mitigation plan were to be required.

SEI deployed an Akkerman SL74 MTBM outfitted with a rock disc cutter head.   The electrically driven MTBM included a rear bulkhead that allowed the machine to be exhumed from the lake bottom when the alignment was completed.  Several agencies including the City of Enid, Garver Engineering, LLC, Garney, SEI, among others held a launch party on February 1, 2022.  SEI was then able to get set-up and launch the Akkerman slurry microtunneling equipment for it’s 510-ft voyage into Kaw Lake.  On March 3, 2022, SEI called for the specialized divers to assist the retrieval process.

Special thanks to Brian Strane of SEI for the project photos. Information credit to the City of Enid website.

NASTT No-Dig Conference

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Come see us at the NASTT No-Dig Conference and check out the latest machinery redefining trenchless solutions.

Akkerman will be open for tours April 13 and 14. Visit the factory to see where the solutions are made.

Staff Highlight

Tim Fay began employment with Akkerman on June 9, 2008, as a project engineer and is a senior project engineer today.

Peer Compliments:

“Tim is a team player. He is always willing to help out, pitch in, or answer questions.”

“Tim was instrumental in the DDM project; it wouldn’t have happened without his involvement and input.”

“Tim is very knowledgeable and an expert at what he does.”

Admirable Qualities

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