Digging Deeper - April 2024 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – April 2024

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Digging Deeper – April 2024

How Far Can I Go?

Written by: Troy Stokes

It is no secret that trenchless technology has its fair share of risk, and regardless of where you fit into this industry, chances are a big part of your job is spent trying to manage and mitigate that risk.

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is, “How far can I go with this machine?” These questions typically come up before a set of plans get tossed on the table that clearly defines the required drive lengths. Maybe it is a design engineer looking for some guidance on a future project (It’s awesome when they ask these questions before a project hits the streets!) or a contractor working their way through a value engineering exercise.  In either case, most of the time my response to their question is another question. How far do you need to go?

Let’s explore a couple of scenarios where you have 2000 feet of pipe to install. If the totality of this tunnel is under a river or a runway or any other obstacle, your objective is fairly straightforward. You gear up and install a 2000-ft tunnel. But what if your pipeline was along a roadway or in an easement where you had manholes or maintenance portals every 1000 feet or so? Now you have some options. In this case, you only need to go 1000 feet, but now you have the option to weigh the risks and benefits of installing two 1000-ft tunnels against a single, more-complex 2000-ft shot which might save you a little time.

Technology available in the marketplace today is amazing and it continues to push the envelope of what is possible. A key step toward a successful trenchless project is clearly understanding the difference between what is possible and what is practical.

About the Author

Troy Stokes is a Sales Manager for Akkerman and resides near Daytona Beach, Florida. He is a fixture in the trenchless industry and has been involved in slurry microtunneling since its inception in North America. Troy is a 2015 MTSC Microtunneling Achievement Award winner and has been a contributing author to multiple industry manuals including the ASCE MOP No. 133: Pilot Tube and Other Guided Boring Methods and ASCE Standard 36-15: Standard Design and Construction Guidelines for Microtunneling.

When not seen in or around the industry, Troy will be found enjoying time with his family or cruising on his Harley to a fundraising event.

Moffat Pipe in Wake Forest

New TBM customer Moffat Pipe commissions their TBM 48SC system on a project in Wake Forest, NC. The U.S. 401 Intersection project is being constructed to extend a stormwater line in preparation for a roadway improvements for the NCDOT. Up next, Moffat will also use their TBM 600 on another section of this project.

Happy National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day from the furry (and not-so-furry) friends of the Akkerman team! From dogs to cats and everything in between, our team is proud to celebrate the joy and companionship our pets bring to our lives. And yes, even our pets get in on the Akkerman spirit with their very own merch for ball and frisbee fun!