Digging Deeper - August 2021 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – August 2021

Akkerman Inc.

Digging Deeper – August 2021

Setting the Microtunnel Bar

CRS Tunnelling Ltd./Super Excavators, Inc. embarked on their portion of the Sarnia Sewer Upgrade Project Phase 3 Trunk Sanitary Sewer Microtunneling in Sarnia, Toronto in April. They are the prime contractor responsible for the microtunneling installation of 5,761-lf. of 54-in. ID RCP in three runs.

They launched their SL60C MTBM for the first time on April 9, and completed a 1,633-lf. curved run using six AZ100 TGS total stations on May 5. They experienced very low jacking tonnage, on average a mere 90-100 tons.

The second run traveled under 14 sets of railroad tracks with no room for error. Crews worked around the clock for four weeks. At breakthrough on July 30, the alignment was within a half of an inch thanks to the AZ100 TGS technology. The project will conclude with a third run with multiple curves of 2,400-lf. in September.

Cameron has been deeply involved in supporting this project and several others concurrently with MTBM Cloud Remote Support. In a recent social media post, Nate Weidmeyer, states, “A big shout out to Akkerman for their state-of-the-art AZ100 TGS Guidance System and stellar tech support.” Thanks for making us all look good Cameron

Welcome Zoe

You may have noticed that the SL74P MTBM on the floor has been given a moniker. Traditionally, Tunnel Boring Machines are named after women. Centuries ago, miners and anyone who worked underground prayed to Saint Barbara to protect them from the dangers of their environment. Recently during a discussion between the Holdens and Ray Post of Huxted Tunneling, a long-time microtunneling cohort with Robin, there was a suggestion to recognize their long-standing relationship and name the machine for Robin’s beloved dog, Zoe. The name was a natural fit!  Zoe is now our mark of lady luck!

This is Zoe

This is Also Zoe

Thank You!

We extended farewell wishes to Kerry Harvey, a.k.a. Harv, on July 28 as he embarks on his retirement journey. Harv’s been a great asset to the machining department and Akkerman for just shy of 27 years

Weld Shop Progress

Welders will be moving into their new space, one weld bay at a time during the month of August. The former weld shop will need to be completely emptied by Friday, August 27th. During the week of August 30th, an outside service will clean all walls, ceiling and floor of the old weld shop. This work is expected to take 3-4 days. New warehouse racking is scheduled to arrive the week of September 13th. The remaining days in September will be spent constructing and barcoding racking and moving pallets into their new warehouse space.

Staff Highlight

Paul Farrell

Paul Farrell began employment with Akkerman on January 30, 2006 in the welding department, then moved to the machining area. He later moved to the GBM mechanics/assembly and became a field technician. His experience and skill set make him a well-rounded asset.

Nominated Because:

“Paul is always ready for anything. He works hard on the production floor and at the [customer] job site.”

“Paul is very knowledgeable in multiple aspects of the company. He has personally helped me with equipment training. He knows a lot about the company and is willing to share his knowledge.”

“Paul is a very dedicated employee who is always ready to help when needed, with a smile on his face.”


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