Digging Deeper - February 2023 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – February 2023

Akkerman Inc.

Digging Deeper – February 2023

Renewal of New Sewer

The project required the exact line and grade installation of 1,600-lf of new sewer line with no traffic disruption and no possibility of open-cut construction. Derech Afar Technologies Ltd. chose Akkerman GBM equipment for the performance and versatility it offers to install a variety of product pipe in their ground conditions. The project took place in Rosh HaAyin, Isreal.

30th Akkiversary

Daryl Anderson‘s career progression is evidence that hard work and perseverance pay off. Daryl came to Akkerman on February 8, 1993, as utility personnel and has been Akkerman’s Aftermarket Parts Manager for the past 16 years.

With a character recommendation from his father-in-law, Doug was a sure bet hire for longevity at Akkerman. After leaving a 15-year career with Larson Farms, the position at Akkerman was a complete pivot. But a skill set acquired by necessity on a farm prepared Daryl for success.

Back then, utility personnel were required to fill in wherever necessary. For those first two years, Daryl could be a saw cutter or manual machinist, other days, he helped in assembly. Recognizing his potential, Doug offered Daryl the Parts Manager position in the newly created parts “store” in June of 1995. Right out of the gate, he learned a lot about parts movement, and shipping and receiving from Bert Sorenson. Daryl’s wealth of parts knowledge accumulated as Akkerman grew. In October 2007, Daryl was offered the Aftermarket Support position the sales department. Having a solid propensity to retain part numbers has also worked in his favor (go ahead and quiz him!).

Daryl enjoys cultivating the relationships he’s formed with our customers. He’s been in the unique position of developing associations with equipment managers and shop personnel – a different customer group than our sales team interacts with. He knows all about their families, hobbies, and interests. “They appreciate our help, especially when you answer calls on the weekend or go above and beyond to help them get parts and get their projects up and running again.” “It makes me feel good to keep them operating,” Daryl comments.

Through new challenges and business growth, Daryl is grateful for all the opportunities Akkerman has afforded him. He appreciates Akkerman’s family-owned business environment and his relationships with his coworkers, stating, “They’re good, hardworking people – we’re like family.”

After 30 years, he has many good memories to draw on, like Red Lowe’s impromptu trap shoots after work, or the campus grouse that befriended Burt Sorenson and rode around on his forklift. He enjoys seeing the campus deer and turkeys during his workday or the occasional sound of Maynard testing out his newest muscle car by burning tired in the yard.

Daryl was also a founding member of the original safety committee. They established the first employee picnic in 1998 at Rose Creek Park to celebrate a safe year. He recounts, “We grilled steaks and burgers from the Geneva locker, our vendors would donate prizes, and our families would spend the afternoon visiting and playing games.”

2325B/D Improvements

Our 2325B/D and 2325B/E Bentonite and Lubrication Pumps with dual 325-gallon tanks have undergone some recent improvements-namely, a new engine package and frame redesign suited for full tank portability.

The new 2325B/D Pump features a Kubota 37HP Tier 4 diesel engine package replacing the Deutz 30 HP Tier 3 diesel engine package, which was obsoleted by the manufacturer. Offering more horsepower than the former, the Kubota is also Tier 4 compliant with reduced nitrogen oxides released during operation.

The baseplate has been reinforced for stability to safely support its weight during transport at a maximum weight and fluid capacity of 9,500 pounds when lifted with a forklift. Additional frame modifications support the 2325B/D when moved overhead using the lift-eye gussets.

The frame features a center beam between the two tanks, which has been extended beyond the frame’s baseplate, with diagonal reinforcement beams that meet behind the frame’s control plate for improved weight distribution. Even with the same quantity of lift eyes gussets, their location supports a more balanced weight distribution when at full fluid capacity.

The first build was part of the recent Larret order, part number FA61088F. The 2325B/E is in process of receiving the same frame design upgrades.

35th Akkiversary

Mary Hartson On February 22, 2023, Mary Hartson will celebrate 35 years of service and dedication to Akkerman.

Mary received her associate degree in Administrative Services from Riverland Community College in 1985. Her first position after college was with Gopher Distributing of Austin until the owner decided to retire and close the business.

Mary submitted her resume to Akkerman in response to a position advertisement for a computer operator. She was the first employee hired by newly appointed president Maynard Akkerman under Larry Tomforde, marketing manager.

As the first computer owner at Akkerman, Mary’s primary responsibilities were maintaining the finished goods inventory and customer database. Everyone helped wherever needed, so her duties could be quite diverse. While some tasks were input into the computer, she recalls that many manual processes were still required to perform her duties.

Mary first worked in the trailer office with Nancy and Robin Akkerman until the new corporate office was built in the late 1980s. As the business and customer base grew, so did her responsibilities, and eventually, her position included accounts receivable. Today Mary facilitates all customer accounts, manages the financial documentation for equipment sales and leasing, and financial reporting for the CFO.

Her position requires her to be very detailed and accurate. But if you know Mary, you know that she likes to have fun too. In her 35 years, she comments that “there’s never been a dull day”. She recounts when they jokingly passed a phone message on April Fool’s Day to salesperson Steve Garbisch from Mr. Bear with the Minnesota Zoo’s phone number. Or the Spanish phrase she and Sharon will never forget (ask her) to communicate to Mexican customers to turn on their fax machine.

Fun Fact. Mary and Sharon worked together before Akkerman at the home improvement store Payless Cashway while they were both in school and now have worked together at Akkerman for the 33 years. How about that teamwork!

Mary has become close with the Akkerman family, customers, and colleagues. “I have enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life, from all over the world.” She comments, “I appreciate our family-oriented, supportive atmosphere and job flexibility – there has always been rom for professional growth for me and many after me.”

Mary has been married to Mike for 36 years, and the two reside in Austin on their hobby farm. Their daughter Hannah is married to Akkerman painter Ben Wolcott. Mary loves lake life at her cabin in Faribault, spending time with their two granddaughters, and attending concerts.

Staff Highlight

Sharon Coordes, Logistics Coordinator, came to Akkerman on October 4, 1989. Sharon was nominated for Employee of the Month for her efficiency and can-do philosophy.

Nominated because:

“Sharon is a responsive problem-solver and go-to person. If you need something, she will take care of it.”

“She gets it done ASAP and is there when we need her.”

“Sharon gets the job done no matter what – she’s a team player.”

“Sharon always goes the extra mile to make sure our customers get their equipment on time. She keeps everyone in line. She ships over 1,000 things a year with no mistakes.”

Admirable Qualities:

  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Responsive
  • Efficient
  • Orderly
  • Witty
  • Thorough
  • Dependable
  • Resourceful
  • Loyal