Digging Deeper - January 2022 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – January 2022

Akkerman Inc.

Digging Deeper – January 2022

Microtunnel Support in a Digital World

As essential infrastructure projects continue, an increased demand for highly skilled field service technicians challenge manufacturers to provide adequate training for new operators.  Installed as a standard option for new Akkerman microtunneling systems, MTBM Cloud Data allows for secure, real-time monitoring and permissioned control.  Akkerman’s MTBM Cloud Data software communicates through a web-based portal and displays live operational data with a historical graphical interface.  Enhancing the once state-of-the-art report generator tool, the MTBM Cloud Data enables the contractor to grant permission to all required individuals to view real-time operational functions of the system.

On a recent project in Fort Lupton, CO, BTrenchless mobilized their SL60C outfitted with an increase skin to install 800ft of 66-in Hobas through ranging geology.  After a broken bone from a recent dirt bike accident that left him unable to travel, Jake Howton was able to remotely train and monitor project activities while in constant communications with the operator.  Connected through headsets for immediate communication, Jake assisted the operator for three weeks while crews tested, launched, and successfully completed the microtunneling drive.  Although Jake did not have access to control the MTBM during training, he was able to instruct on proper procedures to set control flags, monitor MTBM performance, and offer advice as geological conditions changed along the alignment.  Jake Howton said, “The ability to train through the MTBM Cloud Data works very well.  You have a one-on-one experience with the operator.”

As technology continues to advance in microtunneling equipment, so does the need for continued education of our crew and staff.  Akkerman’s MTBM Drive Data software is designed to allow the transfer of this knowledge to your team at the speed of the digital era.

15th Akkiversary

Rey began employment on January 15, 2007, as a utility personnel. Over the years, he’s shown how adaptive he is to new challenges and helps as needed. He’s done a little of everything from utility, shipping, equipment staging, field technician, and translator. Rey’s easy-going and pleasant personality has earned him a great reputation.

Ready for Immediate Delivery

Due to a project cancellation, Akkerman Inc. has a new slurry microtunneling system package available for immediate inspection and delivery.

The system is fully assembled, tested, and project ready.

  • 2021 Akkerman SL82P MTBM
  • 2021 Akkerman Microtunnel Control Container Package – SLC/SLP Upgrade
  • 2021 Akkerman MT890K Jacking Frame
  • Slurry System – 5-in Slurry Circulation System – Tunnel Length: 530ft
  • Tunnel Connections & Electrical Cables – Tunnel Length: 530ft
  • Akkerman Bentonite Injection System – ABIS

Thank You

December was a month of many “lasts” for Jeff Hall. On the last business day of the year was Jeff’s last day of an almost 25-year career as paint manager. Jeff joined the team on 7/21/97. His precision and attention to detail have made him a true asset. When many of us think of that bold blue stripe, we think of Jeff. Here are a few sentiments that his coworkers shared.

“Jeff and I are about the same age, and we have a lot of the same interests. It has been a pleasure working with Jeff over the years and visiting whenever possible about fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling. Jeff and his sons were also involved with an are big supporters of Boy Scouts. I consider Jeff a friend, and I hope he enjoys Retirement!! He has earned it!!” – Daryl

“Jeff is very detailed oriented and likes to make sure that the Akkerman products go out looking the best that they can. He’s the only employee that at one time has had two children work at Akkerman with him. Make sure you get all the cabin projects done promptly! I wish you the best in your Retirement!” – Rhonda

“We always talked about the decal from hell (below). It took what seemed like forever for Jeff, Josh, and me to install this decal on the EPB for Indianapolis. There were several small decal pieces that would be very difficult to keep from adhering to the machine. I so appreciate Jeff’s efforts, he did a great job, and he liked consistency. We joked quite often about what the next opportunity or crisis was going to be that we would have to think outside the box for decaling. He always let me know when he was running low on decals which was very much appreciated to help avoid those crisis situations!” – Pete

“It’s hard to find a person with the same level of detail that he puts into his work. Jeff is very good at what he does and will be greatly missed. Enjoy your Retirement and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. I hope you take some time to slow down and enjoy things, and good luck with your sawmill adventures.” – Alex

Staff Highlight

Randy Lane began employment in the welding department with Akkerman on April 20, 2001. He later moved to the GBM mechanics and assembly area, then TBM and MTBM lines, where he became involved in MTBM container builds. Transition to the electronics area was a natural progression for Randy and well suited to his skill set.

Nominated Because

“Randy provides valuable, clear, and concise information for the manuals. Whenever i asked him about specific electrical or operational functions, he is always helpful and patient with my questions.”

“Randy documents monitor serial numbers, which is important for production and upgrades to make sure he has the correct serial number unit and serial number decals.”

Some of Todd’s Admirable Qualities:

• Reliable
• Trustworthy
• Perfection
• Dedicated
• Conscientious
• Patient
• Helpful


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