Digging Deeper - May 2022 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – May 2022

Akkerman Inc.

Digging Deeper – May 2022

Providing the Building Blocks for Children

After traveling back to the Austin area, Justin Akkerman saw first-hand how tough it was to find quality childcare. Once given the opportunity to support the newest childcare center in the area, Akkerman didn’t think twice about it.

See how Leo Augusta Children’s Academy is providing the under served southeastern Minnesota rural area with a much-needed children’s development and care facility.

Word on the Street

Iowa Trenchless

Morty Jr #NASTT (protege of Mortimer the Sewer Rat) arrived in Iowa just in time to see the end of this exciting and challenging project completed by Iowa Trenchless. Morty can be seen with the crew as the #akkerman 720 TBM is holing out on the final drive.

Underground Infrastructure Technologies

This Colorado water infrastructure project originally involved a 36” diameter, 160 LF tunnel bored via a McLaughlin OTS Guided Auger steering head. Fourteen feet into tunneling, we encountered a very hard rock lens at the crown of the tunnel alignment, halting advancement and the ability to appropriately maintain grade.

Singarpal Singh Sekhon, P.E., CCM, PMP, ENV SP

Houston Public Works prestigious 72-inch water transmission line project’s tunnel in Downtown area under US 59. I am thankful to all my team members and my leadership in achieving the challenging task of the project.

20th Akkiversary

As our first employee in this capacity, Vladimir Nikishov began employment as a software engineer on May 13, 2002.

In Vladimir’s words, “I am lucky to have worked for 20-years in a company that is an absolute pleasure to work for. I’ve been able to get to know people, both professionally and personally, on all levels. Since I started, the company really took off and turned into a big player in the tunnel equipment, and in my modest capacity, I can take some credit. I am proud of our work and , more important, our most valuable asset – the employees who are more of a team than just a collection of individuals. I’ve made good friends with the people at the company and with many of our customers.”

He shared a funny anecdote about his hiring process. Following his job interview with Roger Sindt, Vladimir didn’t hear from Akkerman for a couple of weeks. When he called Roger to follow up, Vladimir stated, “he told me that I had been hired, but he forgot to tell me.” Which, of course, made Vladimir wonder, if he hadn’t called, Roger might have forgotten about the interview altogether. We’re so glad that Vladimir made that call because life would not be the same around here without him!

Here’s what Brad has to say about Vladimir. “Vladimir’s positivity, team spirit, and optimism are contagious across the organization. He radiates confidence and is always willing to deal with problems or new tasks without complaining or giving up. I am grateful Vladimir is part of the Akkerman Team.”

Staff Highlight

Josh Therring officially began employment with Akkerman on 1/25/2016. Before this, he worked part-time with us in high school through the on-the-job training program.

Nominated Because:

“Josh is always happy to help solve problems and maintains a positive attitude.”

“Josh is always willing to help out at Akkerman and also volunteers in his community.”

Admirable Qualities

  • Positive Attitude
  • Optimistic
  • Problem Solver
  • Helpful
  • Stand-Up Guy