Digging Deeper - November 2022 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – November 2022

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Digging Deeper – November 2022

Akkerman Model 4800 GBM – Maximum Versatility

The Akkerman 4800 GBM offers contractors the ultimate in flexibility for guided auger bores. Many contractors have found the ability of the 4800 GBM to not only be an effective tool for installing pilot tubes, but also to follow the pilot tubes with a standard auger bore between the diameters of 12-36in. Akkerman’s available High Torque Casing Attachment (HTCA) increases the overall torque of the 4800 GBM so auger bores between 12-42in can be installed up to 300 feet in length.

The HTCA is both a gear reduction and master thrust ring that enhances the machine’s torque to 88,000 ft lbs. With the available HTCA in high-speed mode, this machine offers 40,000 ft lbs of torque at  22 RPM, adequate speed, and power for most casing installations.  Contractors appreciate the flexibility to send one machine to the project site to complete guided auger bores efficiently.

The skid or track is available in 14’, 10’, and 2’ sections, allowing for casing installations to be completed in casing lengths of 5’-40’. Bore pit lengths to install 10’ and 20’ long casings with the HTCA installed are similar but slightly shorter than a standard auger bore set-up. Adding additional tooling to your fleet furthers the machine’s capabilities to install VCP (No-Dig Pipe), FRP, and RCP pipe in various lengths and diameters up to 48in OD.  The remote diesel or electric powerpack typically set adjacent to the jacking pit, provides workers with a much quieter and safer work area.

For more information, please contact your Akkerman Territory Sales Manager.

Employee Experience Through The Years

When an equipment system is loaded onto a truck and travels down the road, it represents the culmination of many hours of hard work. The sight evokes a sense of achievement and pride that every employee at Akkerman feels equally.

In 1975, we shipped our first TBM system with a 700 pump unit, sold to Winona Plumbing (Figure 1, below). Imagine the excitement the handful of Akkerman Manufacturing employees felt in that moment.

Figure 2 (below) is another example of a significant departure – the front section of the EPBM 108 bound for the Indianapolis Airport project in 2006.

Figure 1
Figure 2

5th Akkiversary

Jeremy Mauseth came to Akkerman on November 13, 2017, as a night shift machinist, training under Kerry Harvey. After Kerry retired, Jeremy was promoted to night shift manager.

Jeremy’s made a career in machining. After completing his degree at South Central Technical College, he became employed at manufacturer Bosch/Robert Bosch LLC in Owatonna for 20 years in various machining capacities. As one of the largest suppliers of automotive components, they’re a much larger, production-based manufacturing environment. Mauseth sought a change, and Akkerman was appealing because of our smaller, family-owned company feel.

Five years have flown by quickly for Jeremy. He says, “I like the variety of low volume, various sizes, and intricacies of machining at Akkerman.” He also likes the culture where “we’re trusted to do our jobs, they’re great opportunities for advancement, and I feel valued.”

Jeremy believes in machining careers so much that he also worked as an adjunct faculty member at RCTC these past four years, teaching the Manufacturing Materials and Processes class to CAD program students. Sadly the program has been temporarily suspended, but he immensely enjoyed the experience.

Jeremy and his wife reside in Ellendale and have three adult daughters. He likes to camp in Harper’s Ferry, IA, and fish on the Mississippi River in his free time.

Congratulations Jeremy. We’re glad you’re part of our team!

5th Akkiversary

A funny coincidence is that Kyle Mergen‘s joining date was due to Matt Streiff’s neck surgery five years ago.

Matt had agreed to come on board, but he needed surgery beforehand. The delay opened up a position for Kyle, so he started in the saw shop on November 20, 20217. matt’s surgery went well, and he began employment following his recovery period.

Kyle began his career at McNelius Steel, and for a decade, he was a shear and brake press and decoiling line operator. He then moved to Century Plastics/Advanced Draining Systems in Hayfield, but corporate restructuring required a departure from this position.

Kyle lives across the street from Jay Howton. He knew where Jay worked but had no idea what we did here. He got curious, and Jay encouraged him to turn in an application.

Kyle quickly moved from the saw shop to manual machining before the anniversary of his first year at Akkerman and has been a great addition for the machining department.

After some time training on the Mazak 250, his machining skills improved, and since June, he’s become the operator of the new Okuma LB3000.

Because this is a new machining system, he’s simultaneously machining and reprogramming the prints between runs. He explains, “It’s rewarding to be responsible for all parts on this machine. He also recently began training in part-time night machinist Gavin Ramsey on the LB3000.

Kyle and his wife have four children, ranging in age from 18 down to 8 years of age. They like to hang out in their backyard, have campfires, and are huge Star Wars fans. Kyle also spends lots of free time contemplating camper ownership. He wants to go on record and say that Mike Hansen is his hero.

Make sure to stop by and congratulate Kyle on his 5-year work anniversary, and feel free to make a few camper recommendations.

Staff Highlight

Mitch Unverzagt came to Akkerman on March 25, 2019, to pursue a welding career. His department peers believe he has been a great addition to the team.

Nominated Because:

“Continually volunteers to do tougher and bigger jobs.”

“Helps the new employees.”

“Produces very cosmetic welds.”

“He works hard and does quality work.

Admirable Qualities:

  • Hardworking
  • Confident
  • Proficient
  • Talented
  • Good Worker
  • Dependable
  • Cool Cat