Digging Deeper - September 2023 - Akkerman

Digging Deeper – September 2023

Akkerman Inc.

Digging Deeper – September 2023

Akkerman Celebrates 50 Years

We were overwhelmed with gratitude and joy as we looked back on half a century of accomplishments and growth. It was a truly extraordinary few days, marked by a profound sense of achievement, and we owe a significant portion of our success to our exceptional clients. The support, trust, and collaboration have been the driving force behind the past 50 years. We are grateful for the relationships we’ve cultivated and for the opportunities to serve such outstanding clients. As we reflect on our journey, we are reminded that success is not just measured in years but in the partnerships we’ve built along the way. Here’s to the next 50 years of innovation – thank you for being part of our story.

Staff Highlight

Mike Berndt came to Akkerman on March 6, 2000. As a long-time TBM mechanic and field technician, he is a valuable asset to the TBM team and equipment line. Mike was nominated by his peers because of his wealth of knowledge, dependability, and pleasant nature.

Nominated because:

“Mike has a vast knowledge base of the TBM product line and is a good teacher to the junior technicians.”

“He is easy to get along with and works well with his coworkers.”

“Mike is a great source of information, and is good to work with.”

Admirable Qualities:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Hard Working
  • Enjoyable
  • Dependable
  • Informative
  • Nice Guy

10th Akkiversary

A young Carter Gappa came to Akkerman on September 23, 2013, as a recent high school graduate with much ambition, but more so, a strong work ethic and the right attitude.

As a Brownsdale local, Carter knew about Akkerman. A friend of Carter’s father, Kerry ‘Harv,’recommended him to Doug, and he was hired on Harv’s good word.

In his first year, Carter worked for Doug as a utility employee for three months and inventory control for five months under Mark before landing as a GBM mechanic under Joe’s direction.

It wasn’t long before Carter began training as a GBM technician, traveling with Joe and Lamont. Shortly after that, he began traveling independently, even though he couldn’t legally rent a vehicle. Staffing shortages resulted in his second project being a solo trip to Australia. But even green, he knew the equipment and handled himself confidently.

In 2016, Carter began training on TBM and MTBM equipment and officially made the leap to this department as a mechanic and field technician.He was promoted to MTBM and Electrical Assembly Production Lead in July 2023.

In high school, Carter imagined himself becoming a personal trainer. After starting here, he became hooked, stating, “It was eye-opening – I didn’t even know that this career path existed.” It suits him well, and a decade later, he’s been successful.“I like working for a small, family-owned company, and Akkerman treats their employees well,” he comments. Carter enjoys the challenges in his new role and becoming more involved in production and workflow. His department’s personal goals include making strides in improving efficiency and devising a means to test microtunneling equipment performance in waterhead.

Carter, his wife Maggie, and their one-year-old daughter Oakley reside on an acreage in Glenville, MN. The family is expecting the arrival of a new baby in February 2024.

An Icon Encapsulated

An iconic photo of Don “D.H.” Akkerman from 1973, perfectly encapsulate him. He proudly and boldly stares at the camera, at the cusp of a future of many successful tunnels to come, completed with Akkerman Equipment.