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Akkerman Eco is our initiative to deliver the most efficient trenchless equipment to improve the quality of our nation’s infrastructure, while reducing carbon emissions, and minimizing social and environmental impacts of construction through advanced American manufacturing and design.

Akkerman EcoPower

Efficient Performance

  • Akkerman produces trenchless systems designed for efficient trenchless installations.
  • Offer enhanced system components and tunneling accessories that reduce downtime, extend drive lengths, minimize risk, and increase accuracy.
  • Design equipment that minimizes physical strain on workers and increases productivity of the jobsite.
  • Akkerman produces highly accurate tunneling systems that permit direct installation of product pipe with line and grade control required for gravity flow utility tunnels.
Akkerman EcoPower

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

  • Akkerman offers the benefit of electric power through all of the trenchless equipment product lines.
  • Akkerman slurry microtunneling equipment is electrically driven. The primary advantages are the ability to supply the most efficient horsepower to the cutterhead for extreme ground conditions, long-distance tunnel projects, and reduction of carbon gas emissions.
  • Akkerman systems do not require the operation of a combustion engine in the working shaft or tunnel zone for worker safety.
  • Both electric and EPA compliant Tier IV diesel power packs are packaged in containers designed to minimize noise contamination.

Minimize Social & Environmental Impact

  • Akkerman equipment minimizes disturbance to surroundings by avoiding shutting down traffic flow, slowing down commerce, or relocating utilities.
  • Trenchless projects such as enhanced power grid stability can be achieved with Akkerman products to protect against damage from wind, trees, storms, or other that cause outages and natural disasters such as forest fires.
  • Akkerman slurry microtunneling equipment can operate in environmentally sensitive areas due to the ability to work under a controlled slurry and face balance.

American Manufacturing

  • Akkerman continually upgrades and enhances our production facility to ensure optimal efficiency, product quality, and machine performance.
  • Utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that reduce overall labor costs while increasing productivity, quality, and reliability.
  • Support American suppliers through advanced componentry to stimulate our nation’s economy and boost further investments in future infrastructure spending for our industry.
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