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Temporary Thrust Casing and Auger assemblies are positioned directly behind a reaming head, which follows the pilot tubes. The reaming head increases the bore diameter, and the augers transport spoil to the launch shaft.

The Integral Bearing Swivel Cutter is an upsizing tool between the pilot tube adapter and the lead thrust casing. It is used in ground conditions above 35 blow count and functions to keep the pilot tubes stationary. Simultaneously, the cutter bit rotates to excavate the soil, and fluid ports release lubrication to reduce cutting torque. Integral Bearing Swivel Cutters are available in standard and HD models to match the thrust casing assemblies.

Thrust Casing & Auger Assemblies Features:
  • Available in 11, 16‐in. OD standard and 16‐in. OD Heavy Duty
  • Casings connect with retaining clips
  • Supplied in a convenient wire basket for ease in transport
Integral Bearing Swivel Cutter Features:
  • Mates to lead thrust casing assembly
  • Used in ground condition above 35 blow count
  • Absorbs the rotation of the augers to keep pilot tube string stationary
  • Cutter bit tooling excavates the ground
  • Cutter bit fluid ports to release lubrication to reduce cutting torque

11‐in. Thrust Casing and Auger Assembly
16‐in. Thrust Casing and Auger Assembly
16‐in. HD Thrust Casing and Auger Assembly
Integral Bearing Swivel Cutter 11‐in.
Integral Bearing Swivel Cutter 16‐in. HD


Thrust Casing and Auger Assembly

ModelLengthMax. Thrust / TorqueWeight Ea.
11 in.1 m100 ton /
10,500 ft‐lb
265 lbs
16 in.1 m100 ton /
10,500 ft‐lb
400 lbs
16-in. HD60 in200 ton /
21,000 ft‐lb
570 lbs
11 in SCH43 in70 ton /
10,500 ft-lbf
700 lbs
16 in SCH43 in100 ton /
21,000 ft-lbf
1,200 lbs

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Akkerman has proven to be the “go-to” manufacturer of American Made TBM’s, GBM’s, and pipejacking systems. This is not just based on the 13+ years I’ve been doing business with them, but the nearly 40-years of successful partnering between Pacific Boring and Akkerman, a relationship I look forward to continuing.

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