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Rock Boring in Remote British Columbia

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Rock Boring in Remote British Columbia

Remote Ormond Creek runs just north of Fraser Lake in British Columbia. The surrounding region is valued as an ecologically sensitive and premier recreation area connected by Yellowhead Highway 16.

Part of a large natural gas pipeline project, a crucial 90 m, 1,200 mm crossing under Ormond Creek was designed for guided pipe ramming as the most suitable method that adhered to the project’s stringent environmental standards. After the borehole was established and casing installed, a fusion bonded epoxy coated 1,200 mm carrier pipe would be slick bored through the ground using an auger boring machine (ABM).

Subcontractor The Tunneling Company, a division of The Crossing Group headquartered in Kamloops, was responsible for pipe installation on this crossing. The Tunneling Company, formerly Kamloops Augering & Boring Ltd., has over 40 years of expertise in tunneling, auger boring, and pipe ramming.

Unexpectedly, bedrock was revealed on both sides of Ormond Creek when the subcontractor embarked on pit construction. Evident that the project scope had changed, an alternative methodology needed to be pursued.